Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Starting Yet Another Finishing Challenge!!

..but this one I couldn't resist! 

Sinta Renee of the Pink Pincushion blog  (and also of the Schnibbles Parades with Sherri of A Quilting Life blog) has started a weekly challenge to work on BOMs each week.  This year, this is right up my alley.  And my project will be these (well at least the first three):

So how did I get here?  In the Fall of 2010, I signed up for three BOMs:  Aunt Grace Circle of Friends, Jan Patek's House & Garden and the Civil War Chronicles.  To my credit, I finished the Aunt Grace top last year and the Chronicles blocks are done up to the final month.  I had hoped to have had the top done by the end of 2011 but there has been a delay by the fabric manufacturer in getting the key fabric for the last month's kits to the BOM vendor and they are STILL waiting for their shipment to arrive!  So for that one I get a pass.  And the Jan Patek ? Well, it's on my 2012 UFO Challenge list for Judy at Patchwork Times and its number has not been called yet so, I get another pass...for now!

And although tempted by BOMS like this and this, I vowed not to do another until these three were finished.  Except there's been a lot of people talking about wool projects and you know how quickly Quilter's ADD can set in.  Then I heard talk about a wool and Japanese taupe BOM.  Hmmm, two quilt genres I have not tried yet.  Then at the start of this year, when I saw that the BOM was being offered by Primative Gatherings but had started in November, I thought I had saved myself.  But seeing that the blocks were sent in three month installments, I made the mistake of inquiring if it was already too late to join in.  Fortunately (or unfortunately depending on your perspective) they too had a delay in fabric shipments so had actually only just started the BOM in January.  So see, I had to do it since obviously the quilt gods are working hard in my favor, right?

And so the first kits have been sitting because I am SUPPOSED to be working on UFOs.  But I figure that since I am supposed to be trying to keep the UFOs down, it would be a far, far better thing that I do for my quilt project cupboard to start this (albeit with the encouragement of the chance to win prizes) than it would be to let it sit and "simmer" longer, right?  That's my story and I am sticking to it!  These are supposed to be weekend projects so let's just see what actually gets done!

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Finn said...

I absolutely LOVE your reasoning in that last paragraph, LOL. And I'm with you all the way.
I'd say "you go, girl"! More can and will get done and these challenges help that along. I've tried hard to resist temptation, and done pretty well except for the String-Thing Along, LOL. Problem with that is, my string aren't plaid, which is the one I want to work on...oh well! Another UFO? I hope not! Hugs and good luck, Finn