Wednesday, February 8, 2017

February Quilt-A-Thon Day 1

Today is Day 1 of Judy's February Quilt-A-Thon over at her blog Patchwork Times
It's funny, in the past I've always wanted to do these but when the time rolled around, I usually had other obligations so I couldn't participate.  So far this year, not only am I able to do it but I've been able to sew a little every day.  Maybe I don't really need the excuse of the Quilt-A-Thon to spend some extended time in the quilt studio?   Well, the year is still young so I'm going to enjoy being able to do this while I can!
Speaking of  "while I can", last month I managed to spend pretty much the whole day and most of the evening sewing.  Today not so much:  I've got a townhall meeting to attend tonight so will have to break off early. 
Last month I worked on a whole slew of projects but today, I've got a focus:
I finally got the center of the top completed for the quilt I'm making for my friend's husband.  All the appliques are stitched down and all the sections are sewn together.  Now I need to get the borders on.  That's going to need some thought because I realized that what I had originally intended to do won't work.  After that I have to decide on whether I'm layering this with or without batting since the backing is fleece. 
If I'm lucky to get all that done today, then maybe I can start the mug rug for my friend.   Did I mention their birthdays are a day apart at the end of this week?  Fortunately they are old friends and I've already bought a card for them so if the quilts aren't quite ready in time, I can send birthday wishes and a temporary "IOU"! 
Evening Update:  I got two of the borders on before I had to break to go to the meeting.  Two more to go for tomorrow.
 While I've been sewing the top together, I've also been putting together "Scrappy Trips" blocks as "leader/enders" so will continue to do that.  
Evening Update:  As the borders were sewn, I got another Scrappy Trips block started.  As with the borders, it'll get finished tomorrow.

 Another leader/ender project has been the sewing for the En Provence (no-longer-a) mystery.  I have been pressing open the green and neutral QST units I've sewn up for Parts 6 and 7.  For some reason, when I started pressing them I found it really tedious to do so I've found it easier to continue pressing them in batches of ten at a time. 
Once that's done I have triangle pairs in lavender and green and yellow and green to sew for more leader/ender ammo. 
Evening Update:  Nothing on this today, maybe tomorrow?
I'll update this post at days end with what gets accomplished.  Will you be joining the Quilt-A-Thon today tomorrow?


Judy D in WA said...

I love a Quiltathon! It looks like you had a very productive day!

katie z. said...

Way to go!

maggie fellow said...

great projects