Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quilty Plans For The Merry Month of May

There's been a lot of work going on at the machine lately and I have a long list of things I want to try to get done in May.  This is my design wall as of today:

The picture is not great because it's from my cell phone (and I've got a really old phone).  I've been meaning to post this for awhile but I can't find my camera charger cord and the last time I turned it on, the camera battery was real low.

But back to the quilting.  So the big project getting the most attention right now is the one on the bottom right.  Those are my "Aunt Grace Circle of Friends BOM" blocks.  I started receiving the monthly packets back in October and had planned on starting them in January but then the move was announced.  I received the last of the packets in April and had planned to start work on them during the break of the last two weeks.  Instead, I  wound up starting them late in the second week with the hope of completing the blocks before May 1.  Didn't happen but there are only six block sets and the last month is the finishing kit (borders and cornerstone blocks).  The blocks have been pretty easy to do so I am powering through in the hopes of getting the top done by either the end of this week or next week at the latest with the layering and quilting schedule to be determined later.

To the left of those are the blocks from my "Striped Squares" project.  This is an old, old UFO that is on my PHD Challenge list.  I made a few more blocks recently and really feel I'd like to get this one done before the challenge ends in June plus I have a spot in our new home where I'd like to put the finished quilt.  Originally they were going to be straight set but up on the design wall they weren't sparking me (although I DO need to make more blocks).  Setting them on point energized it a bit for me so for now that's how they will display until I can take this further. 

At the top of the wall are my Blue & White "Many Paths" blocks.  Also slow progress on this one.  The third block (on the right) is the one most recently made.  This project was also on my PHD Challenge list but I've decided at this point I'll be happy if I just get all the blocks (there are 12) made up.  This was originally planned to be hung on a quilt rack that I had in the living room of our old apartment.  But I won't be using that rack here so this project is less urgent now.  I am also thinking about getting real creative with the layout of the top but don't have the mental focus for that right now. 

Speaking of the PHD Challenge, back in December (before I knew I'd be moving in a few months) I had committed to completing six projects.  Well the challenge ends in June so I know that won't happen!  I am still shooting for three and hoping that I'll finish at least one.  Once I'm finished with "Aunt Grace" I'll be adding two other projects to the wall:  I want to try to finish my "Quilt In A Day Underground Railroad/Pioneer Sampler" project and start the blocks for the "Civil War Chronicles" BOM I signed up for last fall and that began mailing in January.  In fact, the plan was for the real focus for May to be on all my CW fabric projects in honor of the war's anniversary.  The UGRR/Pioneer project is also on the PHD list so it would be great to get that done.  One of my other goals for 2011 was to finish all the BOMs I had by the end of the year and "Chronicles" would be the second of three that I now have on hand.  I also have one other CW "kit" that I'd like to make and I hope that I might do the history blocks Barbara Brackman is currently offering each week using the leftovers and scraps from all the other CW projects.  

As always probably too ambitious for my own good but I've got to lay it all out to know and remind myself where I am trying to go.  Let's hope I can keep quilting daily.  If I meet even half my goals I will be ahead of the game!


Ivory Spring said...


You will be a busy bee with those lovely projects. :)

Happy Mother's Day to you!

Val's Quilting Studio said...

LOL sometimes I get too ambitious for my own good too. :) Love seeing your design wall....and what you were busy doing six years ago. Funny to think were some of those quilts are today.