Saturday, November 28, 2020

The New Quiltville Mystery Officially Started Yesterday!!

 Ahhh, another opportunity for 2020 to get back to normal again -- the start of the annual Quiltville mystery season!  This year we will all be taking a stroll down to "The Grassy Creek" with Bonnie Hunter!

As Bonnie noted in her post for Part 1, the one good thing about this pandemic is that it doesn't upend the ability for everyone to "get together" and join in on the mystery season.  Last year I mused about the many ways that you can participate in the mystery even if you don't think you want to make the actual mystery project!

At this point I have so many past mysteries still in progress, I hadn't planned to actively participate this round.  To date, I've still got:

However, that won't stop me from following along weekly!!  I especially look forward to the progress link ups where you can see what others are doing or how they have changed the color palette of the project.  

I will say though, I just reviewed the color picks again and I can see myself caving on this one in the near future!  Just not until I get at least one of the previous ones done though!!  So join in on all the fun between now and January.  It will be another great way to close out this year!

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Vireya said...

I'm just saving the clues at the moment, as I don't want to start another project right now. (Maybe once I see the reveal?) I have 4 unfinished mysteries, so I am working on one of them this weekend.