Monday, April 9, 2012

BOM Rehab #3

The latest block for the wool Heart and Home BOM was finished early for this week.  It was a simple one and I was able to make it up on Friday.

But now it looks like I'll be breaking off from that BOM for a little while to go back to working on another:  the Civil War Chronicles BOM.  When last I worked on it I had finished all the blocks up to the last month.

When I received the last kit in December, it was missing one fabric.  That was a big issue at the time because:
  1. The fabric manufacturer was going to have to reprint the fabric to supply the BOM vendor with the fabric for the kit.
  2. The earliest estimate of its arrival was February.
  3. The missing fabric was the most important one for the blocks that had to be done and there were sixty-eight to make to complete the last border of the top!
Needless to say it has been a nail biting period.  Until now that is.  The fabric came in on Saturday.  Happy Dance!

The fabric that just came in is on the left, the rest of the kit sent in December is on the right.
Since I had originally wanted this top done by the end of last year, I am going to go back to working on it for next week's Rehab report (and probably for a few weeks after that too).

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