Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Quilters Accountability 6/2/10 and Spring Finish Recap

Last week's goals:

1. Quilt last border of Charming Log Cabin quilt, bind. Done and finito!  The grid quilting of the border ends and the binding took ALOT longer than I expected.  But I am very pleased with the results and glad I got it done by the deadline.  Now if I could just get a decent picture of it!

2.  Layer and baste Dino Sports 2 quilt, quilt, bind and make a pillowcase.  Nope.  Because of the above, I just got to buy the batting today and will layer it tonight and (hopefully) get it quilted and bound by the end of the week.

3. Add border trim and outer borders of Paisley Crumb quilt, layer to backing, quilt and bind. Nope for the same reasons as the above.  But this one will either get started on the weekend or next week, either way, I am determined to get it done by the end of June. 

Only downside, I didn't get to post something for the Blogger Quilt Festival! No matter, with the deadlines put to bed, now I can spend time each day checking out all the great posts.  Now THAT will be fun!

So, the Spring Finish is finished and I'm pleased that this year I got quite a bit done:

Quilted and Bound:  Stashbuster
                                  Vintage Treasures
                                  Charming Log Cabin

Blocks Made:  5 House blocks for Basics Block Gather
                         15 blocks for Underground Railroad Sampler
                         12 blocks for Pioneer Sampler

O.k. it seemed like a lot more when I was doing it but it's still a lot for a little more than a month's work.  I'd like to thank Bari again for making this forum available, I don't know that I would have stayed on track to meet the deadline without it.  And more importantly, thank you to all the QA gals for the positive reinforcement each week, both your comments and the example you set with your own goals.

Now I can slow it down a bit and start easing toward the summer and some new projects (well, after the last two get done).  As always, you can check back at Bari's and see how everyone else did with their goals this week and get some inspiration for getting your own projects done!