Monday, January 6, 2014

The mystery is over...over there on the design wall that is!

I hope it's true what they say: that what you do on New Year's Day is what you'll do all year.  Here's what I was doing on New Year's Day (and the 2nd, and the 3rd!) and certainly is the kind of progress I'd like to make all year.

I finished the blocks for Planet Patchwork's New Years Day mystery quilt (Case #136).  The mystery was titled "An Oldie But A Goodie".  All the Planet Patchwork mysteries have been designed by “Merry Meyhem” which is the alter ego of Merry May, a quilt designer and co-author of the book “Insiders Guide to Quilting Careers” with Linda Hahn.

This will be the last one Planet Pathwork will be hosting because the site may be closing down this year.  They are already in the process of closing down their web store but the final fate of the website has not yet been decided.  I really wanted to participate in it since I had participated in last year's New Year's event and the Day-After-Thanksgiving event in 2007.  Their website was one of the first I discovered when I started quilting and was a great information and tip resource in those early days.

While I am not planning on participating in any "official" UFO challenges this year, UFOs are still a personal priority for 2014.  Doing their mystery one last time is also a chance to focus on finishing up the previous mystery projects.  The 2013 project (Modern Twist) is still awaiting borders (and the backing is already in house) and the 2007 top (Check It Out) needs layering and quilting.  So my personal UFO challenge for this month (or maybe more realistically, for the year) will be to get all three finished as my own commemoration of the site.

My hope is to sew the blocks together and finish up this top today so I can go back to the quilting I have to finish on a panel for my friend and get back to work on the comission quilt I promised to do.  Just trying to keep 2014 moving!