Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just One Block Update

After my last post, I was making an entry in my quilt journal about the blocks I made for Moda's "Just One Star" campaign.  To fill in some information, I took another look at the information sheet and instructions I had printed out when I first looked at it. 

First of all, the finished quilts will be going to the Semper Fi Fund not the Quilts of Valor organization as I stated previously.  The Semper Fi Fund provides assitance to returning injured Marines and their families and according to the Moda information sheet, is a favored charity of the designers Minick & Simpson.  

The second thing I noted is that although the instructions for the block construction called for a "light tone-on tone background", the introduction for the cause specified that the backgrounds should be cream.  Ackkk!  I had made two stars with cream backgrounds but the rest were white, light blue and light yellow.  No biggie, I got up this morning and whipped out three more stars, one using a striped fabric that I hadn't used initially because I wasn't sure it would translate well in the star design.

The finished stars for mailing

As suspected, I didn't like the striped one (for this) so of the stars pictured, just the four in a row were signed and mailed off this afternoon to Texas.  Whew!  Glad I caught that and could still make the deadline.  On the plus side, the remaining stars could be the start of a Quilt of Valor top of my own (fingers crossed).

If you are a quick sew, there is still time to get one in the mail if you'd like to help too.

Friday, April 22, 2011

We Now Return You To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming.....

Well it took a whole lot longer than I'd planned but I've finally got back to my machine!  We moved into our new place at the end of February.  We've been here almost two months now but there are still many boxes filled with stuff still to be unpacked and furniture and fixtures still to buy or install.  It will be a while and fortunately there is no rush.

But my quilting space has been set up.  When we moved in it looked like this:


Now it looks like this:

I am in the front part of our Dining room although my husband's take is that the rest of the family is just renting the Dining room from the quilt space!  I have a bit more space than the half bedroom I used before but I've definitely got to get back to my UFO pledge for this year -- I've got more stuff than I have space for (imagine that!) so the plan remains to prioritize working on things in house to pare down and make more room for everything.

But to do that, the first challenge is to get back in the groove which has also been harder than expected.  Even after I had set up my machine and got most of the basics unpacked, I just couldn't sit down and get started.  So I did what I always do in this situation:

I read my quilt books and journals as I unpacked and shelved them and my magazines as they were forwarded to the new address (and updated my mailing information in the process).

I went to the American Folk Art Museum's Red & White Joanna Rose quilt exhibit at the Park Avenue Armory.....


...and while there bought another book and finally joined the museum as I have wanted to for a few years.

I caught up on two months of blog reading (over a 1100 posts!) and began making a new list of all the projects I needed to catch up on, ideas for things I want to make for display in the house and all the new projects I have been enticed by from all the blog reading.

But what has finally gotten me back to the machine is a charity request.  It is an easy one, the Moda Fabrics call for "Just One Block" -- star blocks to be sent to be made into Quilt Of Valor quilts by the Moda staff.  This is a good one for me.  I've long wanted to do a QOV quilt and have a collection of Red, White & Blue fabrics but have never been able to get moving on it.  I figured this was an easy start since I only needed to make the blocks, someone else will make the quilts!

Of course when I went to the R/W/B stash I had plenty for the stars but realized that I was short on suitable tone-on-tone lights that they wanted for the backgrounds.  So I got to do that other tried and true Quilter's Block fix -- a trip to Hartsdale Fabrics, my LQS.  Even after that, I still dragged my feet a bit until I re-read the instructions and saw that the blocks needed to get to them by May 1st.

So I had to get it in gear and 'er done!  And they are:

Just have to add my name and state and mail them off!
 Now let's just hope I can keep up that momentum.  I'm still committed to getting something done for Myra's "PHD Challenge" which ends in June and would like to have something to post for Amy's upcoming "Bloggers Quilt Festival"  in three weeks. 

So to all celebrating, I wish you a Happy Passover, a Good Friday and Happy Easter!  Enjoy your weekend!!