Saturday, April 23, 2011

Just One Block Update

After my last post, I was making an entry in my quilt journal about the blocks I made for Moda's "Just One Star" campaign.  To fill in some information, I took another look at the information sheet and instructions I had printed out when I first looked at it. 

First of all, the finished quilts will be going to the Semper Fi Fund not the Quilts of Valor organization as I stated previously.  The Semper Fi Fund provides assitance to returning injured Marines and their families and according to the Moda information sheet, is a favored charity of the designers Minick & Simpson.  

The second thing I noted is that although the instructions for the block construction called for a "light tone-on tone background", the introduction for the cause specified that the backgrounds should be cream.  Ackkk!  I had made two stars with cream backgrounds but the rest were white, light blue and light yellow.  No biggie, I got up this morning and whipped out three more stars, one using a striped fabric that I hadn't used initially because I wasn't sure it would translate well in the star design.

The finished stars for mailing

As suspected, I didn't like the striped one (for this) so of the stars pictured, just the four in a row were signed and mailed off this afternoon to Texas.  Whew!  Glad I caught that and could still make the deadline.  On the plus side, the remaining stars could be the start of a Quilt of Valor top of my own (fingers crossed).

If you are a quick sew, there is still time to get one in the mail if you'd like to help too.


Karen said...

Wonderful stars Vivian!!

Ivory Spring said...


It's lovely to hear from you. :) Those stars are cute.