Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The May UFO is #2

Judy issued the UFO for May:  it is #2 and for me that is Floribunda!

That project was Bonnie Hunter's reproduction of a quilt she found in an antique store.  This must be one of those quilting serendipity moments because I am supposed to go see Bonnie Hunter this weekend at the Northern Star Quilter's Guild show.  I'd love to be able to see it done by then but I can't make that kind of promise considering my track record so far. But I do believe it's an easy quilt to finish and hope it will jumpstart all the stitching I am behind on. 

Speaking of which my UFO progress so far:

The January UFO #5 Safari Stars and WAK Tryptich:  The former still layered and awaiting quilting.  The latter has not had any further composition work done on it.

The February UFO #1 Autumn Double Wedding Ring:  I have made steady progress on this and am now down to the last two rows of arcs to be pieced to the centers.  An update post can be read here.

The March UFO #8 Bouncing Colorblocks:  I did start the quilting.  All the ditch stitching is done so I just need to do the "fancy stuff" in the blocks and sashing blocks.

The April UFO #10 Brrr! Park:  Still layered and awaiting pressing and quilting.

Once again I am hoping that this will be a good quilt stitching month.