Saturday, August 1, 2015

Get It Done! July Recap, August Goals

The good news this month was that there was one finish and one near finish this month generating new motivation to get other things done as well.  Recapping July, the Goals were:
1. UFOs:  Quilting on the Civil War lap quilts.  Time to git' 'er done!!
Although they were NOT DONE, with the quilting on Thea's Puzzle almost done, I'm now very DETERMINED  to work on these next!
2.  Wool/BOMs:  Finish stitching the April and May ornaments, prep and stitch June's and then start on the mittens for July.  However, I also have another set of pouch ornaments to make so the challenge will be to not only catch up on what I'm behind on but to work on two new ornaments each month until Christmas. 
NOT DONE so August will be a heck of a catch up month!

3. Applique:  To Spring Fling or not to Spring Fling, that is the question.  Right now, I don't know the answer! 

NOT DONE so I think this one is officially tabled until next Spring.

4.  Hand Work:  I will finish up the little "Crow" wall hanging.  I also still want to resume "Slow Sunday Stitching" but still need to decide with what.  Another "To Be Determined". 

DONE (although a detailed post on the finish still needs to be done). 
Hoping now to get back into my Slow Sunday Stitching QAYG project for fall.  

5. Gift Quilts: Yes, still keeping the baby quilt on the agenda.  Actually at this point, I can slate it for a first birthday gift.

6.  WIP:  Quilt Thea's Puzzle and make up the quilt sandwiches for the FMQ Mystery at Lori's Inbox Jaunt and plan the Seminole bands for the kitchen curtain project. 

ALMOST DONE!  (Although with the white fabric it's a little hard to see).  Will be finishing the quilting on the outer borders this weekend and the binding is already cut and ready to be applied. 

7.  Quilts of Valor:  There's a lot of ground to make up on this one.  If I can finish some other stuff maybe I can finally pull these out and make some headway on them.


NOT DONE, although I did reorganize the stash for this.  I will try to see if I can maybe still try to work on at least one this month.  
For me, August signals the end of summer so I'm setting my sights on trying to get ahead on my Fall projects.  I have quite a few of those I'd like to see get done this Fall so the priority projects in my categories may change a bit this month.
 August Goals:
1.  New Category - To Be Quilted:  As I noted above, now that I've done a bit of quilting, I'm ready and raring to go on the Civil War lap quilts which will be the priority in this category this month.  However, there's also still another big Civil War quilt to be quilted -- my Chronicles BOM.  It is the last of the initial Civil War projects left to complete. Although it is also a UFO, I want to identity the things ready for quilting separately from a UFO still in the production stage.
2.  UFOs:  In this corner I have a big Fall project I want to bring to at least the flimsie stage before the summer ends:  my Autumn Double Wedding Ring (the top can be seen here) that is still waiting on borders (glimpsed here).  This will be the month to get that done and maybe even layer it.
3.  Wool BOMs:  I really need to move on this to stay on track for the holidays so the big push this month is to bring these ornaments up to date. 
4.  Hand Work:  As noted above, hoping to once again get back to the QAYG project.  It will be good for fall hand work and I'd love to try to get this completely done by the end of the year.  Looking specifically to try to get eight blocks done each month (two per week) until the end of the year.
5.  Gift Quilts:  The Baby Quilt.  Leaving this one on the list even though I have a feeling that I will not work on it this month either.
6.  WIP:  For this category this month I actually want to finish up a display piece -- adding the Lincoln/Obama embroidery piece to my old Spontaneity quilt.
7.  QOV:  As noted above, I had a chance to go through and reorganize my QOV stash.  There's still some time -- maybe I can get at least one made up before the summer ends?!?

8. New Category - HSY:  My Hussy ("Haven't Started Yet") project for this month is my Halloween Quilt project.  While it will ultimately be one quilt, it is actually comprised of two separate patterns that I will be layering back to back when they are done.  I talked about them back in this post and one of the patterns seems to be a hard to find item.  I've had a number of queries over the years (the latest one came just this past week) from people looking to get it.  So I'd like to finish this one up once and for all so that I can pass it along to another quilter. 

Embarking on the "Good-bye Summer" tour, All Aboard!!

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