Tuesday, August 25, 2015

My First Quilt Show Entry

As quilters we all have those "firsts":  your first project, your first quilt gift given to someone, your first kit, your first Block of the Month, your first Mystery quilt, your first heirloom finish.  Well today I just received notification of a first for me -- my first quilt show entry!

When I started quilting in 2002, I read an article in Quilter's World magazine about documenting your quilts.  From the very beginning, I've used the format in the article for my own quilt journal entries.  While all my entries have this, I've never had the opportunity to fill in the last line:

...but now I will!  My quilt "Sweet Land of Liberty" will be in this show this fall:


Since 2012 Jackie Kunkel (quilt designer and owner of Caton Village Quiltworks) has hosted a quilt show at the New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, CT.  Her husband is a hobby pilot and volunteers with the plane restorations at the museum which is how she became interested in hosting a show there.  I've attended the show since she started it and will say it is the one show I can guarantee that my husband will attend with me!  He loves vintage airplanes and war memorabilia so is always eager to go with me to the venue to see the exhibits although I'll admit he comes to see the planes more than for the quilts.   As a history buff, I also enjoy the plane exhibits and we even once went on an outing to the museum with other family members to attend one of the museum's "Open Cockpit" days.  On those days, attendees can get an opportunity to actually sit in or walk through some of the planes on display.  It was a really fun day for all of us!

I also love that Jackie always manages to have great guest lecturers at the show.  Last year, I went for Sue Riech's lecture on World War II quilts (which were also featured in a big display at the show) and enjoyed Jackie's trunk show presentation.  This year author and AQS Certified Quilt Appraiser Mary Wilson Kerr and quilt novelist Marie Bostwick will be presenting.  I am particularly excited to attend Ms. Bostwick's lecture since I've read a few of her "Cobbled Court Quilts" novels and just recently downloaded "Between Heaven and Texas" to Kindle to read.

I had thought about making and entering a quilt back in the first year of the NEAM show because I had a project in stash that fit the theme that year but never got the project underway.  Last year when I finished "Sweet Land of Liberty", after entering it in Amy Ellis' Bloggers Quilt Festival I also thought about entering it in the NEAM show but admit I chickened out.  This year I decided to put my big girl panties on and put it in the show!  It is not a juried show but there will be a Viewers Choice prize awarded and the entry fee was a nominal $5.  I've always felt "Sweet Land" was perfect thematically for the venue. 

Now that I have received the delivery/mailing instructions  for sending the quilt to the show, I'm both giddy and nervous about it being on display but do look forward to seeing it hung at the show in September! 

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