Monday, February 1, 2016

Get It Done! January Recap, February Goals

One month in the can already?!?  If I thought last year went fast, this year looks like it might go even faster!  I'm still working on how to be more efficient (the word of the year) in managing and executing my projects. To that end, I discovered the "Bullet Journaling" system.  If you haven't seen it, check out this video:

I'm doing mine in a regular black and white composition notebook and love the flexibility and tracking functions of the system.  I also enjoy the details and tips about the system that Kim shares at her blog Bullet Journal Joy.  It's already allowing me to see more clearly how I'm spreading out my priorities.

While I didn't get as far on the January Goals as I would have liked, with the journaling I could see clearly where I fell off and know how to avoid that going forward.  So without further adieu, let's review! 

The January Goals were: 

1.    Finish the Tucker mini Sew Along project:  This one should get done either today or (Plan B) by the end of the weekend.  I have four more Flying geese units to make up and then can attach them to the previous two sections (pictured below) to complete the top.  This one doesn't have to be quilted so once the top is done it can be backed and bound.

DONE!  And a nice way to start the year.
2.  Quilt "High Strung +2":  This one was supposed to have been quilted and done by Christmas.  That plan got changed when my sewing machines went on the fritz right before that.  The good news is that I immediately saw an opportunity to try something new that I've wanted to do: "Big Stitch" (hand) quilting.  I also saw the perfect set of Valdani threads for this quilt at the Craftsy year-end sale.  So while I'm waiting for the thread to arrive, I can layer the quilt and decide on how I want to quilt it.  I'm hoping that they'll get here quick enough to leave me time to stitch this up and call it done by the end of the month.
Although in my defense, I did hand baste it, order the thread to quilt it and got the header part all quilted this month too.

3.  Start on the Wholecloth project:  I'll go into more detail on this in the actual project post but for now, know that the plan is to get this layered and on the hoop by the end of the month.  I'll be using a pre-printed top but want to add some details to it too so have to think about what those will be.  This will be an ongoing project until whenever it gets done which could be mid-year, year-end or next year.

Well, while I didn't actually start the project itself but I did order batting for it.

4.  Start on the Baby Quilt:  For this month I definitely want to finally get this in gear.  At minimum, I'd like to finalize my plans for which quilt I want to make and stash the supplies for it.  If I'm lucky and can also get it made up, that'll be gravy.

NOT DONE.  Sigh!!

5.  Start on the Featherweight:  In addition to sending my electronic sewing machines in for service, I also want to get my Featherweight machine up and running.  Last year, I bought a book on servicing it and now need to sit down with it, take a close look at the machine and purchase the supplies I think I'll need to get it up and running.  I'll settle for that for now although if I get to actually fixing the machine this month that will (again) be gravy!

But high hopes for this month!
In Other News....
While it was not on the list for last month, I did also get one other UFO completed:  I finally trimmed up the Lincoln/Obama redwork piece and attached it to the quilt I had planned to add it to.  It's still up in the air if it will stay there (see the detail post here) but done is done!
So for the February Goals, here's what I hope to do:
1.  Finish quilting "High Strung +2".
2. Start on the Wholecloth project.  At worse, I'll get it basted, at best I'll get the quilting underway and this will be an ongoing project until whenever it gets done which could be mid-year, year-end or next year.
3. Service the Featherweight. 'Nuff said!
4.  Birthday Gifts (tentative).  I have two friends (husband and wife) whose birthdays are a day apart in February.  The wife's job recently moved and she asked for something to decorate her new cubicle.  Since I have made her other things before, I have long wanted to also make her husband a quilt.  Last year, I had finally found a pattern and fabric for it.  Unfortunately, I'd have to get on these in the next week to make their birthdays.  However, I might just start them and send "Happy Birthday IOUs" until I can get the actual gifts to them.
5.  Start on the Baby Quilt:  I've got to keep this one on the list because I definitely want to (finally) get this in gear.  Once again, I'd like to at the very least finalize my plans for which quilt I want to make and stash the supplies for it. 
6.  The "Secret Project".  This one is for the DH and while I don't think he reads my blog, I will be working on this in secret at home with just glimpses here on the blog.  Need this one by April so need to get started if I'm even to come close!
So that's it for February and I'm hoping for good progress this month!

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