Sunday, January 31, 2016

Big News! Changes to the 2016 Bloggers Quilt Festival!

Since 2009, Amy Ellis formerly of the  "Park City Girl" blog and now blogging at "Amy's Creative Side" announced recently that there will be changes to the format of the biennial "Blogger's Quilt Festival".   

When it started Amy was only blogging.  Now that she is also a quilt designer, book author for Martingale and fabric designer for Moda needless to say she has a lot of commitments!  Given the amount of work it takes to host the festival, she has needed to change her approach to keep everything running smoothly. 

In sum, the spring BQF will move to Instagram and become the IGQF.  The Fall BQF will remain as is (with blog link ups) but will be held in September rather than in late October/early November when the big Houston Quilt Market is held.  You can read about the changes in detail on Amy's blog here

I have participated in the BQF since it started although not in every year (click here to see my entries) but I always check out all the links.  It's been a great way to show my work and an even better way to discover the work of other quilters.  I'm not on social media and haven't decided yet whether to dip my toe in with this.   Amy notes that even if you aren't on social media, you'll still be able to view the entries and I can certainly settle for that. 

As always if you've never checked out the festival, all the links to the past shows can be found on her blog here

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