Sunday, January 31, 2016

Slow Sunday Stitching 1/31/16 -- In 'Da Hoop!

This Sunday finds me continuing with the Big Stitch quilting of "High Strung +2".

I had started on it last weekend during the snowstorm and continued during the week until I had finished quilting the header.  I had hoped to get the whole thing done before the end of the month but I'll settle for getting at least a quarter of the bottom section done today. 

The original plan was to stitch the header background with a scattered seed stitch.  After the first few stitches, I felt the small stitches weren't working for me visually so ripped them and began doing them as big "dashes" instead.   In the bottom of the quilt, I've already outlined all of the applique motifs and am now stitching across the squares with lines that will follow the curve of the "trail" of appliques. 

As I sit and stitch, I'm understanding more and more the comforting feel of the "rythmn" of stitching.  It forces me to mediate on the work itself and not the amount of time it's taking.  It also helps to have a lot of shows loaded up on the DVR and few back episodes of Pat Sloan's APQ Quilting Podcast to play in the background!

If you didn't already come here from Kathy's, head over to her blog at "Kathy's Quilts"  and see what other lovely hand work is being worked on around the web today!  Happy Quilting!

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Nancy said...

This is such a beautiful quilt. (I scrolled through your older posts to see all of it.) I love the arc or trail of stars across the front and the greens you've chosen to use. Very nice.
Nancy. (ndmessier @,