Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Holiday Quilt-A-Thon Is On!

Whew!  DH and I got the Kringle gifts for his family (and the cookies I bake for my MIL and her sister each year) to the post office this morning so they are now off to North Carolina.  My community commitments all finished up last week and my gardening classes finished up the week before.  We'll be picking up gifts for our sons over the next few days -- they are old enough now that they already know what they're getting so it's only about putting it under the tree, no wrapping necessary!  All that's left on the "To Do" list is dinner with my family on Christmas Day.  So that means I'm commitment free so it's time for....

....a Holiday Stay-cation and Quilt-A-Thon!!

At least that's what I promised myself once all the Holiday Hoopla was over.  I'm hoping to spend the next two weeks with some well deserved "Me-Days" which means "Me-Quilting"!!  Of course, focusing on quilting doesn't come without some travails such as:

 ...my Janome conked out on me again!  The same thing happened to me at this time last year!  And I think it's the same problem:  I had opened up the needle plate to clean out the bobbin area and a spring popped off which I think is to the cutter mechanism.  So she'll be sitting out this round until I can take her in after the New Year.  

However, unlike last year when I had to resort to a stint of "all hand work, all the time" in response, this year, I've got back up:

I had gotten my old Euro-Pro machine serviced this summer so she's back in action and as you can see here, already hard at work on an update project hopefully be revealed soon.  And as reported at the beginning of this year, I've also got more back-up support:

My Featherweight machine is still operating after the tune-up I gave her (and this picture was of her working on the project that the Euro-Pro's project will update).  I also recently bought a few gadgets for her that I will hopefully get to try out during the stay-cation.

Despite all the holiday busyness, I've already managed to get to a few of the things on the December "Get It Done!" list, am working on a few more, have started a "I couldn't resist" new project and if I'm lucky, might even get started on my big New Year's bucket list project.  Looking forward to the personal down time and ratcheting up the quilting time! 

Hope your holiday plans are moving along well and that whoever or whatever you want to spend time with -- be it family, friends or your stash -- that you get to do what you love and love what you get to do!  

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