Tuesday, December 13, 2016

(A New) Tuesday Archives: Mitered Corners

Each week Val over at Val's Quilting Studio posts a topic for her "Tuesday Archives" link up and invites quilt bloggers to link up an old or new post that covers that week's theme. 


This week's theme is Mitered Corners, an interesting topic for which I had a past project perfect for the topic but viewing the post I wrote for it,  you might not realize just how it fits this topic.  So a new post on an old project is in order!

Back in 2009, I made a quilt for my DH's aunt, one of my MIL's four sisters.  That year she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent treatment for it.  It just so happens that when we received word of it, I had just the day before looked at the book "Quilter's Think Pink" online (does anyone remember Clotilde's, the precursor to Annie's?) and saw a pink ribbon quilt in it called "Ribbons of Hope".

At the time, I also needed backings for two other quilts so I headed to my favorite site for bulk fabric purchases, AAA Quilters Supply.  I not only found my backings but found a bunch of pink fabrics perfect for the blocks and a fabric that presented a unique opportunity for the "borders".

In the picture of the quilt above, you can see that it is designed with a light pink inner border and a dark pink outer border.  At AAA, I found this fabric:

It's from Freespirit's "Girlfriends" fabric line in the print called "Patricia" in the pink colorway (and if you like it, AAA still has some in the green colorway here).  As soon as I saw it I realized that if I used it and mitered the border, I would have the illusion of two borders for my quilt but only have to fussy cut and sew one!

This is what the finished quilt looked like:

All the light and dark neutrals and the lightest pink solid came from my stash.  The rest, including the backing and binding:

....came from AAA (and they still have some of that backing fabric in the yellow colorway).  When my husband's Aunt was here in the Spring with my MIL, she told me she still has the quilt and uses it every day when she sits in her favorite chair.  It's always gratifying to a quilter to know that a gift is appreciated.

Head over to Val's if you'd like to find some other fun ways to use mitered corners in your projects.  Also check out the sidebar of her blog to find out what are the upcoming topics for the Tuesday Archives link up.  Maybe you have an old post or can create a new one to share with other quilters!


Val's Quilting Studio said...

Viv...first I love your story. Second, OMG!!! Those corners are wonderful!!!! Now THAT is why we need to do a mitered corner!! (Thanks for the wonderful Tuesday Archives shout out and support!! You are the best....and yes, I hope some of your readers click by and join us!!)

Louise said...

Wow, what a great fabric to use for mitered corners! It looks super duper fancy :) I'm so glad your aunt-in-law is still enjoying that beautiful quilt, too.

Kaja said...

Wow, that's a clever idea and your execution is perfect!

Marcy said...

You really got that fabric to work for you. It made for a gorgeous border.