Saturday, December 31, 2016

"Get It Done!" - Closing Out the Year

You know the old saying, "When People Make Plans, God Laughs"?  Well so went the "Holiday Quilt-A-Thon"!  Right after I said that, between last minute shopping (for unexpected relative gifts), my youngest son getting really sick (upper respiratory needing a doctor visit, antibiotics and bed rest) and prepping food for the Christmas Day event we had to attend, the Quilt-A-Thon was a "Not-Quilt-A-Thon"!  Then right AFTER Christmas, my throat started to get sore and I knew the jig was up! So the rest of this week has been lots of fluids and as much resting for me as I could to keep it in check.

I'm feeling better physically and maybe I'll get to work on a few things before we head out for the New Years Eve showing of "Rogue One" we had planned to do before typhoid hit the house!  It'll definitely be a lot less than I had hoped to get done as the year finished up. 

So time to wrap up the last "Get It Done" of the year.  From the December Goals List, the only things I did get to:

1.  Fall Decorating Projects:  If I find a new ribbon (or decide on a plan) for the treat jar, I will work on that.  I'll also at minimum die cut the pumpkin and circle appliques for the long pillow and finalize the background to complete a "kit" for future finishing.  I also have a set of plain pillow covers that I want to whip up so those are at the ready when next Fall rolls around.

Pillows Done (the two colorful print ones,) ✔

Made the final fabric choices and cut out pumpkin shapes and stems with the Go!,

Cut leaves and circles (also with the Go!)

Kit up for finishing next year although I still need the pillow background. ✔

Treat jar done (except for further garnishing of the lid next year) ✔

5.  Labels Update:  Finish all outstanding labels (seven and one update label) and now I have an "official" cause:  to honor taking the Quilt Alliance Labelling Pledge.

I had just started the quilting on the "Cardinals" label when my son got sick.  Between that, getting used to quilting on my old machine again and me getting sick, I haven't gotten back to this.

Did format and print out the fabric sheets for the "Geese" labels.  Still need to be trimmed and bordered.

6.  Finish Wool Ornaments:  And hopefully get them on the tree this year!

We opted for a small tree this year so all the ornaments finished LAST year did get on the tree.  DH was even impressed, at first he thought I had purchased them!

 I started working on the three remaining mitten ornaments and got the motifs for one cut out and two more traced (with one using an alternate design) before nursing duties and illness interrupted.

Everything else on the goals list (Slow Sunday Stitching: QAYG blocks,  QOV #1 and #2, Autumn Double Wedding Ring, Husband and Wife Gift Quilts, Baby Quilt, Graduation Quilt and using a  Scrappy Trips project as a "Leader/Ender")  weren't touched.  I do have to run to the store and we're not headed to the movies until much later so maybe I can try to set up for a "Slow Sunday Stitching" session tomorrow. 

Here's hoping your quilting year ended well and you are looking forward to ringing in a New Year full of fun projects and finishes!!

P.S.  For those of you looking to Quilt-A-Thon in 2017, Judy Laquidara over at Patchwork Times is reviving her monthly Quilt-A-Thons.  See the schedule she's posted for the year here (and on her sidebar) and tips for getting set up for the first one here.

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