Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Quilters Accountability 5/12/10

I checked in last week for Jacqui's Spring Finish Mid-point at her blog, Tallgrass Prairie Studio.  I thought it was going to be a "linky list" but you only needed to leave a comment so I did that and didn't post to Judy's Design Wall Monday even though the UGRR blocks were done by then.  Almost everyone had at least one thing on their Spring Finish list done and many people had completed multiple projects.  There will be a lot of cleared decks for the summer!

As always, this week some things got done but never as much as hoped:
Last week's goals:
1.  Finish the quilting on the Vintage Treasures quilt, get the clamshell binding made and finish the quilt.
The quilting for the most part is finally done.  I still have to do detail stitching on the inner border corner square blocks and I want to add a filler design inside the half moons on the large red corner triangles.  But all that can be done after the binding is prepared and partially stitched on.
I am scheduled to go to my mother-in-law's house on Saturday for a quilt session.  When I go, I am expected to bring something to work on, so I'm hoping to get the clamshells made and attached so I can do the final hand stitching of the backing to the edges while there.

2.  Work on next two UGRR/Pioneer blocks (one from each).  Done, but instead of doing one from each sampler, I made the last two blocks from the Underground Railroad sampler so all of those blocks are now finished.
Blocks completed this week: Carpenters Wheel (first row, fourth from left) and Crossroads (second row, second from left)

3.  New priority: Start (and complete?) the quilting on the Charming Log Cabin quilt.  Nope, but now that the Vintage Treasures quilting is done, this will be priority this week.
In fact, I already have a stitch pattern in mind and it is an "all-over" design so I am hoping to get that one quilted over the next two days and maybe get to bring that one to my mother-in-law's for binding too.

So keeping the goals light again this week:
  1. Construct clamshell binding, attach and finish detail quilting on Vintage Treasures quilt.
  2. Start and complete the quilting on Charming Log Cabin.
  3. Finish the last two blocks of the Pioneer sampler.
Check out what everyone else has on their list for the upcoming week at Bari's.  Let's keep that momentum up!!!
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Julianne said...

I love your quilting..Just love it.
I am also doing the Underground Railroad block of the month with my local quilt shop...Such fun.