Thursday, January 1, 2015

Getting It Done in 2015

A very Happy New Year to all!! 

Since about 2009, I been trying to finish up my UFOs by participating in finishing challenges.  I "participated" in Judy Laquidara's 2012 UFO Challenge on her Patchwork Times blog.  In that challenge, you made a list of twelve projects at the beginning of the year and each month she'd choose a number and that was your UFO project for that month.  I put participated in quotes because while I made my lists and checked them twice, I was naughty and got only one project done and not until about six months after it was scheduled to be completed! 

I've continued to participate in various finishing challenges (most recently last year's Quarterly Finish Alongs) and particularly in the last two years have managed to get quite a few "oldies but goodies" finished up.  For 2013, Judy changed her UFO approach to the monthly "Get It Done" challenges.  This time, she asked quilters to make a list of things they wanted to get done in a given month and post it on the last day of the prior month.  Then the next month they recapped what got done and set out their list for the next month. I didn't discover this new twist until half way through 2013 so didn't try it then and since she didn't renew it in 2014 didn't get to try it last year either.

I'm committed to keeping the finishing momentum going this year so I think I will try her system this year on my own.  Having found out that Barbara over at Cat Patches was ending her "NewFO" linky parties after hosting them for three years, I spent yesterday posting my own last NewFO for the year (and also linking it on Sharon's "Let's Book It" linky too) so I didn't get to make an end-of-month list.  But since I'm going my own way anyway, I figure I can change it up a little and try making my lists on the first day of the month instead! 

So here's what I hope to work on this month:

1.  Get "High Strung Plus 2" to the flimsie stage

2.  Quilt the two Kaye England civil war lap quilts:

3.  Quilt the Civil War Minis


4.  Get the first "block" done for a new (personal) BOM:  making up the Warm Hands/Warm Feet ornaments

5.  I also want to work on the blocks for another BOM:  continuing the Heart & Home Wool BOM from a few years  ago:

6.  This year I also have a number of hand work projects lined up as well a hand quilting UFO that could use a finish.  Hoping to encourage myself to make time for that, I want to try participating in Kathy's Slow Sunday Stitching linkys:

7.  I'm also overdue for making up a baby quilt gift so that needs to get done too.  Have stash, need a plan!
While I can think of other things to add, I'm known for making my lists a little too ambitious so I'm going to stop here.  So let's see how 2015 will go.  It's a New Year so a good time for a new start!  Happy quilting!!!

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