Friday, September 30, 2011

Updates and A Quilt Contest Entry

The design boards are empty....

...because the Month Four Chronicles blocks are done!  Woo Hoo!

Next up is prepping the Month Five triangle sheets.

 There are sixteen blocks to do but they are corner blocks (a pieced triangle like half of a triangle square).  By the time I am done with this quilt (and the more blocks I do, the more I realize that this one is going to be a real beauty!!), I will be sooo over making quilts with a lot of HSTs!

I am hoping to get the Month Five blocks done either today or definitely by the end of the weekend because I need to continue clearing the cutting table by getting back to working on the Merrimac blocks and top (talked about here).  Then when that's done it's on to starting the Blackbird Designs Halloween quilt (that I'd like to get done by the end of October, of course) and possibly getting my sons back to piecing strips for their (winter) "Denim Blue Lagoon" quilts.

Big News!  I am Entered In a Contest!

I've entered my "Flying For Cover" quilt in this week's Quilting Gallery Weekly Theme Quilt Contest.  The theme for this week is "Flying Geese Quilts".  I've wanted to enter one of their contests for a long time but never had a quilt for the current theme ready.  Here's the quilt I entered:

If you'd like to vote for the quilt (or any of the others posted on the site) you can do so here from today until Sunday.  If you want to know more about the quilt, click back to this post.

One thing I realized is that this is one of two finished quilts that I have not put a label on!  I had designed a rather elaborate one back when I finished the quilt but it is text and picture heavy and needs to be printed on prepared fabric sheets and then hand sewn onto the back of the quilt.  At the time I had too many other projects going to want to focus on that and thought I still had details of the label design to work out.  But I took a look at my files and realize that it's all ready to go so I better prepare some fabric with Bubble Jet Set and get 'er done!  This is why I prefer piecing the label or a blank piece of fabric into the back of the quilt.  When I do that I can write the label information in as soon as the quilting is done.  In the case of the two quilts without labels, both need to have their labels attached after the fact.  But label I must, no anonymous quilts for me!

Have a good weekend!


Ivory Spring said...


It's so nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind comment.

I see that you have kept busy yourself. That Flying Geese quilt is gorgeous. I love the colors!

Barb in Mi said...

Love your flying for cover quilt! SO many beautiful geese!