Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Taking the Process Pledge

On my last post about the aborted quilting on the Brrr! quilt, I took the time to do a little "process" blogging.  If you are not familiar what that is, if you read a lot of quilt blogs, I'm sure you've seen the buttons around and about.  Back in 2010, Rossie a modern quilter blogging at the "Rossie Blog" blog, did a post that talked about seeing more posts where crafters talk about how they moved along the path to creative quilting (along a lot of other things related to defining the modern quilting movement and the origins of "original" design) . 

I have to admit I'm often as intrigued by the route a finished project takes as I am about the finish!  I keep a very detailed quilt journal for my own purposes but have also always felt I should do a little of that on the blog too.  I won't talk as much about my projects as I do in my journal since my posts are already too long!  But I do now want to start posting in a little more detail about how a project gets from idea to a finish.  For me that might even hopefully make for shorter, more pithy posts!

So I am taking the "Process Pledge" and vow to talk more about how my projects progress from here on in.  If you'd like to do that too, link up on Rossie's blog here and download the button below to show your allegiance to all access project blogging.

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