Monday, August 1, 2016

Get It Done! July Recap, August Goals

Well, it was another not-so-productive month!  At the start of the month, I THOUGHT I was done with family commitments.  NOT!  As noted in the previous two reports,  my MIL had come up to New York from North Carolina by car in April, and then returned in May and June by train, both of those times staying with us.  During the May trip she had mentioned that at the end of 2015 (long before she knew she would NEED to make trips to NYC in 2016), she had promised her sister-in-law (who also used to live here in NY) that she would drive up with her at some point this summer.  I had assumed that after she had accepted our invitation to come back up in June for our son's graduation, she might not want to make yet another trip up with her SIL.  Again, NOT!!   So once again, we were preparing for a week-long house guest. 

This time though, my MIL had decided that since she and her SIL had separate plans for their time in NY, she wanted this trip to be a quilt-focused one.  She brought four quilts for finishing (gifts for people here in NY) and a new project to be cut, laid out and pieced.  She also wanted to visit a couple of "Row By Row" shops which we also did (and I'll get to talk about that in another post).  Despite having learned from her previous visit to set up some "mindless sewing" work for myself this time around, we still spent pretty much all of our time together working on her projects.  So while I didn't get too much done personally while she was here, it was fun having another Obsessed Quilter in the house!  Add a week of errands and clean up both before and after she left and July was pretty much killed for me quilting-wise.

So despite the relatively short July list (which can be seen here), I can succinctly recap a big "NOT DONE" on all of it.  However, while intending to start on item #1 from the list, I wound up working on this new project:

Details about that can be read about here.

So For August, once again the list consists of all the carryovers:

1. Quilts Of Valor.  Hoping to get two cut out today so I can use them as "leader/enders" on the above project.
2. The T-shirt Quilt.  Still a big priority since I need it for the house --- not sure why I'm dragging on it.
3. Pastel baby quilt.  Still need to get this commission job done, thankfully (?) there's no deadline.
4. Graduation quilt:  Found a potential background fabric for this one so now I can try to get this at least started.
5. Quilt CW Chronicles:  This one is still long overdue and I'm still looking forward to doing some custom quilting on it so fingers crossed I finally get to it.

I'm also glad to say that other people stepped up to cover the regular shifts I did in July for our community garden so even that commitment (other than periodically going to check on our plot) has also been cleared from my schedule for this month.  Therefore, I'm declaring August a Personal Vacation Month for me and hope to spend it quilting DAILY!!  However, given how the previous months have gone, we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


Julierose said...

Quite a list you have there!! I am taking a sewing respite; after 4 big (for me!!) quilts in less than a year, I have a H U G E brain drain and cannot motivate myself to do anything more for a bit. A dry spell, perchance "--quilters' block" has come to visit. Resting and reading...hugs, Julierose

Karen said...

I find it stimulating to have a quilter visit and stay for a few days of good sewing time and quilt shop visiting.