Saturday, December 2, 2017

A Christmas Deadline: The Western Kringle Quilt -- Pt 2: Getting the Fabric

When I last left off, I had picked out my quilt design and had seen some fabrics on sale perfect for it that were being offered in a big AQS fabric clearance sale.  I figured out how much I needed and put in my order.  Yeah, about that:

This is what I ordered and as you can see, by the time I did so, three of the six fabrics I wanted (the ones with the big X's through them) had sold out!  It turned out not to be a big problem to resolve what I couldn't get:  the Western fabrics were all manufactured by Blank Quilting and were part of their "Western Album (I and II)" lines.  I was able to find them at Thimbelina's although I had to substitute two of the fabrics (the Pistol and Picket Fence prints) for other prints in the line (Sheriff Stars and Swirled Barbed Wire). 

Even better, I was also able to get a panel print (in the bottom of the photo below) that I can fussy cut motifs from to make a label for the back (must keep up with my Quilt Alliance pledge!).

Another boon was some sale fabric that I had purchased back in January.  I got it in one colorway for another project and also decided to buy this olive/blue/brown colorway just because I liked it.  I remembered it and when I put it with the fabrics for this project, I realized it was perfect for a backing.  I was also glad that I did get the Peppered Cotton plaid in my AQS order for the binding.  I've been stashing Peppy Cory's Peppered Cottons so hope that I might have a little leftover after this to put in that stash.

The last thing needed to complete the design was a very light print.  This was another luck up:  Erica's was having a "Make Your Own Sale" sale and I was able to get both the fabric and something else very much needed in general and for this project:

I finally got the new Creative Grids "Stripology Ruler" by Gudrun Erla.  This was not a "Gadget Fanatic" purchase -- I NEEDED this one because this happened a while ago to my June Tailor "Shape Cut Plus" ruler:

I used my Shape Cut constantly and loved it.  For me, next to a Rotary Cutter, it's one of the quilt tools I must have if stranded on a desert island (hopefully, also with a few storage tubs of stash!).  I admit I had seen reviews of the "Stripology Ruler" and had liked a few of its features so was very interested in trying it out  "some day".  So I was only partially heartbroken when my Shape Cut met its demise!

So good, now I had all the fabric I need and a new ruler to cut it with.  It was time to start the project!

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