Monday, December 11, 2017

On Ringo Lake Update: Part 2 Done, Part 3 (Barely) Started

Whew!  It took me until today to get Part 2 all done!  Just in time for this week's link-up.

I did pick up the Part 3 instructions but have only just started on what I expect to be a lot of cutting and piecing.

I don't expect to get this part finished by the end of the week  since I have to also work on finishing up the other quilt that I'm making for a family member's Christmas gift. 

Some interesting observations from the linkups:

*  Have you seen some of the gorgeous alternative color ways that people have chosen?  I really need to push myself to try that in a future mystery or even in one of Bonnie's regular projects.

*  If you've checked out some of the previous link up posts, have you seen the interesting ways people arranged their nine-patch and FG units from Parts 1 and 2?  I already like how some of them are put together.  Now I can't wait to see Bonnie's final layout -- maybe I'll wind up wanting to try one of the alternate layouts instead?

* So many people are finding this a great opportunity to perfect their piecing techniques or learn new ones.  Bonnie's instructions for the mystery totally support this.  Just another reason why she is as popular as a teacher and for her workshops as she is as a designer!

Oh and another goodie has come in to add to the fun of this mystery:

I finally got a copy of Bonnie's latest book!  I've been waiting to get this one for a while and cannot think of a better time to surround myself with all things Bonnie!   It'll be fun to read through this one after a day of mystery parts stitching. 

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