Thursday, January 7, 2021

BOMs Away: Modern Bohemia is a Flimsie!

One of the things I plan to do all this month is try to clean up or move forward projects started last year.  Last year I had an ambitious plan to work on four BOMs.  One of them was the self-styled BOM project I called "Modern Bohemia".  It's made up of Churn Dashes in four sizes using bold and what I'd call "modern" prints.  The idea was to work on a bunch of blocks each month until I had enough to fill the quilt top.
My work on it got interrupted by the pandemic and then quarantine quilting projects, then a need to work on projects I had planned to decorate with for Christmas (which was another casualty of the pandemic) and then a trip south in December.  

As a result this was the first project on my list to work on this month.  Primarily because the completed blocks had been sitting on my design wall since November.  Now the top is done!

After I get all the prior year starts moving forward, the other big task for this year is to do a whole lot of quilting of tops.  Once I get a few more projects moving, that will be my next thing to focus on, 

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

fantastic finish!

Vireya said...

Modern Bohemia looks good!

Like you, I have a lot of tops to quilt on my list for this year.

Lynette said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on your Bohemia top finish! The Churn Dash is a favorite of mine, for sure. I think we're all in the same boat with plenty of tops to quilt up. :D

Rebecca Grace said...

Your Bohemian Churn Dash looks awesome, Vivian! Congratulations!! :-)