Friday, July 27, 2018

Calming Down and Cleaning Up

You know things have calmed down greatly if I'm able to finally get back to my "Bucket List" goals!  Once again, I'm going to try to restart my Double Wedding Ring project because the Quilt Gods have sent an accountability angel:  Jo over at Jo's Country Junction has inspired me to get the DWR back into the quilting rotation with her new Double Wedding Ring Quilt Along on Wednesdays!   

She started this two weeks ago and I wanted to jump right in.  However, first I had another task....

….cleaning off my cutting table, LOL!!  Got to say it's been inspiring to read the posts from The Creative Spaces Blog Hop that's been hosted by Tammy Silvers of Tamarinis and Cherry Guidry of Cherry Blossom Quilting.  Watching all the participants show their studios, favorite tools and how they organize those tools (next week they'll be covering Fabric and Scraps Organization) was the perfect incentive to get my space in order. 
It has taken a while but....

….now, that's better!   So with that done and if I'm going to be sewing, I also need to do some additional studio maintenance -- namely, clean my Featherweight machine. 

If I thought the bobbin case area was dusty, look at the feed dogs!

I also lubed her up so she'll keep running for the indefinite future.  Now she's ready to go back into action!

There's also one other thing I've been waiting to do for her but since I still have to do it, I'll cover that in another post.

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Rebecca Grace said...

Bless you, Vivian -- from the looks of your "before" photo of your cutting table, you and I are kindred spirits!! I need to do some cleaning and tidying in my studio, too, because the piles are starting to prevent me from having enough room to cut, sew, or press anything! You've inspired me to have a look under the stitch plate of my Featherweight, too. On my Bernina, I frequently switch from the zigzag to the straight stitch plate and I clean out any lint under there every time I do so, but with just the one stitch plate on my Featherweight I never think to look under there. I only use that machine for piecing with lint-breeding cotton thread, so I'm sure there are some fluff bunnies hiding in there who need to be released!!