Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Finally Transferring From Feedburner

For those of you that follow your favorite bloggers by email, you have probably gotten notices from others that we have to transfer to new services to notify you of our latest posts.  Like many others, I formerly relied on Feedburner through Google to notify you of my new posts but that service is no longer being offered as of tomorrow.  

So I have switched to using the service called "".  If you were receiving my blog posts by email previously, you should continue to get them but now it will come from that source.  The email may look a little different and the content will only show the opening of the post.  You will have to "click through" to the blog to read the full post and to leave comments.  This change will have no affect on those that pick up my posts from Bloglovin'.

If you suddenly stop getting notices of my posts, there is a new "Get Posts By Email" link for "" on my sidebar.  Try entering your email information there and then let me know if you do begin getting the posts again so I'll know that it works.  

By the same token, since this is also a new service for me, let me know if you have any problems with it.  Let's hope this new bit of technology will be a help and not a hinderance!

1 comment:

Rebecca Grace said...

Hi, Vivian! I have you pinned to my own blog's sidebar and that's where I see that you have something new posted. So I will still be able to find you! :-)