Thursday, June 1, 2023

Cross Stitch Plans for June

Now that Cross-Stitch May-nia is over, it's time to "Stitch June"!  Back when I laid out my May-nia plans, I had noted that originally I planned to work on some "patriotic" pieces for that event.  However, then I decided to instead move those to June and it turns out that was a good decision.  About mid-May I learned that Kimberly Jolly, now also a big influencer in the Cross Stitch world, had decided to lead a new June sew along with the same theme!

Watch her Floss Tube announcement video here

In June, the Fat Quarter Shop will be stitching daily on cross stitch projects with a Red, White and Blue theme.  If you are interested but don't have any patterns or kits along those lines, the Fat Quarter shop can help you with that!  They have compiled a page of patterns and supplies perfect for the SAL.

Another opportunity to stitch along with other cross stitchers on patriotic themed projects is being offered by Nicole Sphor who is doing a Summer Stitch Along (SAL) for her "flossiversary".   Nicole is a Papercrafter, Quilter and Cross Stitcher who I was introduced to when I decided to make the FQS "Jelly Snowflake" quilt as part of my Red & White Christmas quilting last year.  

As I said, I had already made similar plans and already have the ones I want to work on in house.  The projects I'll focus on for the month are:

When I wrote about these in May, I also said I had another piece coming in and it was this one:

Okay that one's not strictly Red, White and Blue but I plan to display it where I will display the rest of them so into the mix it goes!  It will also be my first foray into stitching on a high count linen and adding a button embellishment designed for the project.  

The plan for the month is a three day rotation of the three projects.  None of them are very big so it may not take the whole month to get them done.  I am hoping to include the "fully finishing" part in the rotations as well.

Since we will also be traveling during June, I had another project I wanted to start on the trip:

I had prepped the floss while waiting during May's refrigerator repair debacle and had chose and cut the fabric back when I kitted the threads.  During the next two weeks, I need to make sure I have all the needed notions gathered for when we are ready to go.  

More Summer Stitching Fun

I've said it before:  cross stitchers know how to keep themselves busy and motivated!  I also just learned about another Summer stitch challenge from a Flosstube video:  Sheri, the Colorado Cross Stitcher, has led a virtual "Cross Stitch Camp" since 2021 and has held them in the Summer, Fall and Winter.   

This one is not for working on a specific project but "theme prompts" are given for the type of project or challenge to work on for each month in June, July and August.  She has already given the prompts in this video.  The challenges are free to join and there are chances for prizes and there is a free pattern for stitching up a "camp badge".  

The only rules are that you "check-in" on Instagram at the start of the month with a new project using the appropriate hashtags (which she shares in the video) and then finish (but NOT necessarily "fully finish") your project by month's end and check-in again to share it.  Although she also says that you can qualify for a few more prize entries if you do "fully finish" your project.

The other good thing is that you don't have to participate for all three months, just jump in where you wish.  That's good for me as I don't already have a project that fulfills the June prompt and already have plans for focusing on my quilting during July.  However, I might be able to come up with something for the August challenge which is (always) "Try Something New".   Heck that describes my whole cross stitch journey so far!!  So I'll see if I decide to do something and participate for that month.

If things keep up like this, cross stitch will really start to challenge quilting as my primary interest.  It's not quite there yet, though!!  

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