Tuesday, September 1, 2009

I'm Back! - Part 2

What I did this summer continued.....

A fun thing and a quilty first for me is that I particpated in a block swap this summer. Margaret of the "
Quick Queen of Quincy" blog announced in May that she was hosting the "Four Season Summer Block Swap". This is something I always wanted to try. The block she chose and the fabric requirements seemed easy enough and I snagged the last spot in the swap. Our mission was to make the simple color block in five fabrics of the same color. While the fabrics could have other colors in them the finished block had to "read" as one color. Our mailing deadlines were July 1 and August 15 after which we would get in return the same number of blocks we submitted (up to twenty per mailing) made by other quilters. these were the two sets I submitted:

And these were the blocks I got in return:

I already have an idea for a top layout for the blocks. I’m going to leave the button on the sidebar to encourage me to try it.

Still more to come since I've been away awhile.....

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