Friday, September 4, 2009

I'm Back! - Part 3

Next summer project: After I finished the Dino Sports quilt for my cousin's son I had the following fabrics left over:

Then I happended to look in a recent issue of Easy Quilts magazine (Spring 2009). There was a pattern for a quilt using the same line of fabrics! I couldn't tbelieve I had missed it, I probably had not paid attention to it because when I received the issue I had already bought a kit for the first quilt and did not expect to make another one. Wanting to use up the fabrics I thought what the heck! So I bought more of these fabrics from the line:

And added to what I had, made this top:

I don't have a purpose for it. I might wind up donating it when it's done. Cute and now awaiting the back (I have the fabric, more of the orange, I'm just trying to decide whether to make it plain or throw in some more of the scraps for a funky back.

Ok, almost done updating..........

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