Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Joining the Spring To Finish

Jacqui at Tallgrass Prairie Studio posted the deadlines and rules for this year's "Spring To Finish" challenge yesterday. I'm joining in again this year.  The deadline is May 31 (six weeks).  My goals are loose:  the main goal is to try to get at least half of the things on the list below completed - anything more will be gravy.  Jacqui has scheduled a mid way check-in on May 10 so I'll need to post for that.  In addition, I've lurked on the weekly "Quilter's Accountibility" Linky hosted by Bari but never posted to it because I really didn't trust myself to make the weekly goals.  But with this challenge, the need to stay on track weekly is even stronger so, I may also try to post weekly to the Accountability list in another effort to stay on track for the Spring Finish (double the pressure, double the "git 'ur done"!).

So the things I'd most like to get done would be:
  • the first three "To Be Quilted" (TBQs) projects on my flimsie list on the sidebar.
  • finish the Dino Sports 2 and Crumb quilt projects on my flimsie list. 
  • finish the Denim Blue Lagoons quilts on the WIP list
  • finish the blocks for the UGRR/Pioneer and DWR projects on the WIP list
  • work on the Pistachio SBS blocks (on the WIP list) weekly (so hopefully it will be habit by the end of the "Spring To Finish".
Jacqui hopes to have a prize lottery for finishers but we are encouraged to reward ourselves as well.  I already know mine:  I had already decided to hold off on two new purchases until June but if I can meet the my goal (remember, just half!), I might in indulge in those purchases early.  In any case, the Spring Finish ends just as June starts so it's just one more incentive to focus on building up my budget til then anyway.

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