Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Quilters Accountability 4/21/10

Well, as promised I'm posting to Bari's "Quilter's Accountability" linky.  I have lurked the site before and admired the fortitude of everyone who has posted each week.  I'm hoping to gain some of that resolve -- I signed up for Jacqui's "Spring to Finish" challenge again this year and this time I'd like to make the FIRST deadline since last year it took until the SECOND deadline for me to get anything done!  We have six weeks (until May 31) to finish whatever UFOs, pending projects or interesting "new loves" we wish to get completed.  I know that keeping a weekly "To Do" list will help this process and perhaps insure that I will have something to show when we hit the May 10 halfway check-in.

Ironically, the first project I am working on is one that was on my list last year!  It is the quilt that I made when Judy Laquidara of Patchwork Times had her first Stashbuster Quilt-A-Long (the quilt design is now called "Out of the Bag" and is posted on her site here).  It was also my introduction to blogging since you needed to post your finish to participate in a finishers giveaway. The quilt has been layered since last year so I'm hoping this week to get the quilting done.  This was originally meant to be a project to practice my quilt stitching so I am finally getting to do that by trying my hand at free-form Baptist Fans.

So my goal list for the next week is as follows:
  1. Finish quilting and bind the Stashbuster Quilt.
  2. Make up the blocks promised for Victoria's House Gather -- the deadline is April 30 so got to get moving on those.
  3. Work on at least two UGRR/Pioneer blocks (one from each).
  4. Work on two Sylvia's Bridal Sampler blocks (might be a long shot).
  5. If I get the Stashbuster done as quickly as I hope, continue the quilting on the Vintage Treasures BOM and (maybe?) have the quilting completed by the next post.
I'm already feeling like there will be finishes this Spring!


Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

Nice goals. I am sure you can meet them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for joining us, Vivian! This is exactly the kind of use that I hoped folks would get out of the Quilter's Accountability Report! I had seen Jacqui's Spring To Finish challenge...amazing the things we have to do to help us get things finished by a certain time.

Your freehand Baptist Fans look wonderful! I have had that on my list to try....

Your goals for this week look very do-able. We will be cheering you on!

Way to go!