Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Quilters Accountability 11/3/10

Subtitle:  Reality Check!

Well, at least I expected it.  Despite thinking I'd have a number of opportunities to get to all my projects, reality was that most of the non-quilty things I had planned this past week took more time or energy than expected so when I had down time (aka hobby time), I was sometimes too tired to get any quilt work done.  On the up side, there has been some progress made and I've learned over the last few years that any progress, even baby steps, gets you that much closer to the finish.  And with progress, has come knowledge and that has kept me going.

Last Week's Goals:
  1. Complete the applique on the Amish Doll Quilt.  If accomplished start (and finish?) the quilting. Did get all the flowers done and all the leaves cut out. 
  2. If doll quilt gets done before next Friday, post to Amy's Fall Blogger's Quilt Festival. Nope won't make this in time. So taking this off the list.
  3. Complete the remaining six blocks for the Sage Sampler.  Decide on the layout and whether it needs/there is room for sashing. Didn't get to this one at all and I've decided to make this a little easier on myself, so see revised goals for this week. 
  4. Cut out the Christmas Tree skirt.  Done!
  5. Complete assignments for the Quilt Whisperer class. Didn't get to this and have to pick up this week's notes and assignments as well.
I was a little disappointed in not getting the doll quilt finished, I have enjoyed all the hand work but am anxious to get back to machine piecing and quilting.  But I have also learned a lot about it as I've progressed though this project.  I now realize that this was too small a project for me to do needle-turn given my current hand work skill level. 

The applique looks very rough.  It is much harder to get a smooth line on such small pieces and I can now really appreciate all the extra leeway you have on bigger items.  If I were to work this small again, I'd have to consider methods for preparing my pieces (freezer paper, english paper pieceing, starch and press) to get better edges.  But I still like it and think the rough look will suit it when it is displayed with the dolls -- it will look like either a kid or the dolls themselves made it!

So rather than this being a set back, I am even more focused on getting this finished and off the WIP list.  I have also lined up ideas for a lot of future applique projects.   I got the first block of the Jan Patek "House & Garden" BOM I signed up for.  I'm saving that to try working on it in the car since we are expecting to drive down to North Carolina for Thanksgiving.  I also plan to substitute a few blocks in that project and have to review the options I lined up for it while waiting for the series to start.

If any of you are interested in applique, the Canadian quilt designers of The Rabbit Factory have started a new, free pattern series of four seasonal wall hangings which can be picked up monthly from their website here (scroll down to the bottom of the page to download the .zip file).   I found one of their designs in a 1999 issue of McCall's Quilting and look forward to getting a couple of their patterns.

    This Week's Goals:
    1. Complete the applique leaves on the Amish Doll Quilt.  Start and finish the quilting.
    2. Make one block for the Sage Sampler (to be done each week until all six are done).
    3. Piece the Christmas Tree skirt.  
    4. Catch up on all the Quilt Whisperer class notes and assignments. 
    5. Quilt the "Scratch" top.  
     I am also a little disappointed not to have something for the Bloggers Quilt Festival, but I've already been enjoying the entries by the bloggers who are in my Google Reader feed.  So I am looking forward to surfing through the entries over the next few weeks and seeing what is out there.  I was actually able to look at all 600+ entries made in the spring and found a lot of great new blogs as a result.

    With the Quilt Whisperer class almost done, I am looking forward to quilting all the quilt tops I have laying about and getting them done for the Year-End Challenge.  My (as usual, ambitious) plans are to try to get to one each week.  The "Scratch" top is a wall hanging so I hope it will only be a one or two day quilt job. 

    If anyone is struggling with motivation for finishing up (or getting rid of) your UFOs, Pat Sloan is issuing weekly "UFO Busting" tips on her blog from now until Thanksgiving Day and has a support forum that you can also participate in.

    So join me back at Bari's to see what everyone else accomplished on their list this week!


    Tamera said...

    I like that you're just redoing your goals and letting go of the things that can't be helped! Way to go!

    Anonymous said...

    I love your Amish doll quilt - it is stunning and I love the applique! I think you are right about the size being much tougher than the larger pieces...

    Amazing how life kind of takes over our plans isn't it? LOL. I had the same kind of week. I like that you have regrouped and are moving forward!

    Can't wait to see what you have done by next week!


    Vivian said...

    I'm glad to read that I'm not the only one who didn't have a quilt to share on this session of the Quilters' Festival. I have many finished quilts, but no stories to go with them--nothing worth sharing. Or maybe it's just my grumpy mood lately that makes me think nothing is worth sharing.

    I've been focusing on smaller quilts --at least I have a finish now and then. But mine pale in comparison to the striking colors and applique on your Amish doll quilt. It's lovely!

    Julianne said...

    Life does tend to get in the way sometimes. I find that rethinking the projects and regrouping is a great thing to do.

    Lori said...

    Smaller pieces are so much harder for me to applique. It will be adorable when its done!! How do you know what works for you unless you try?