Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hello to 2012

I hope the old saying about what you do on New Year's Day is what you'll do all year isn't really true because despite wanting to start the year right, I didn't do any sewing on that day. I did put a considerable amount of time into amassing the details of a new purchase and then fortunately talked myself right out of it.  

But January 2 I did get myself in gear because on New Year's Day, Judy revealed the first project number for her UFO Challenge.  It is number 5.  As committed to in this post, that number on my list corresponded to a dual set of projects:  My Safari Stars and the WAK Triptych.  The top for Safari Stars was completed back in early November and awaits decisions about how to quilt it.  The Triptych project had been listed on my sidebar as a HSY but I had actually started some of the planning work and fabric selection for it back in 2008 so I have accordingly added that date when I moved it to the WIP list.

I pulled out the pieces and got the photo fabric printing done for it.  I am obscuring the full images for now because they are using the art work of an artist and I need to ask permission to show it.

Since that day I haven't worked on anything.  DH was home on vacation giving me unfettered access to the car and an extra set of hands for things like the post-trip laundry and taking down the Christmas decorations so I spent the week on those things and running errands.  I am a little anxious going forward because I also received notice last week that I am to start jury duty tomorrow.  Last time I only served for two days before being released.  Since I'd really like the same thing to happen this time, I just bet I'll get picked to sit for a case instead!

Staying optimistic about the week ahead.  Happy Quilting!!

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