Sunday, January 8, 2012

Interesting Doings in Blog Land

So since I haven't been doing any sewing this past week, I have been doing a lot of surfing.  I am finding a lot of interesting things brewing for 2012 in blogland.

Help With Goal Tending

One thing that might be of additional help to those of us trying to stay on track on our quilt goals for 2012 is that Rhonda, over at the Quilter In The Gap blog is hosting a quarterly 2012 Finish-A-Long.

You post what you want to accomplish during each quarter and at the end of the quarter when you post about your finishes, you are entered into a giveaway for prizes.  Seems like a good incentive and forces you to take the longer view than just what you need to get done this week but a more manageable view than trying to focus on the whole year.

For those weekly finish celebrations there is still "Whoop, Whoop Fridays" at Sarah's Confession of a Fabric Addict, Amy Lou Who's Sew and Tell Fridays and Amanda Jean's Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Up Friday which she started last year and is continuing this year. 

Red and White Quilts

For all you Red and White fans there's the "Just Takes Two" Mystery Quilt.

In honor of the Rose exhibit this past year, Gay of  Sentimental Stitches and Brenda who runs the official Dear Jane website are going to be issuing red and white block designs twice a month.  I signed up to get the blocks although I don't know if actually making them will get on the agenda this year.  But I loved the exhibit too much to miss out on this and admit that a red and white quilt is now added to the bucket list. I look forward to seeing where all the talented quilters out there take this one.

Quilts Of Valor

Alycia of the Alycia Quilts blog, is calling for people to make 12 for 12 Quilt of Valor quilts this year.  I have long wanted to make a QOV quilt.  I also have made an unofficial "55 by 55" challenge for myself to donate quilts.  I need eight more by my birthday in May to stay on track and hope a QOV will be among them.  I'm pretty sure I won't make twelve but maybe some of you can?

Make Something New!

And then I came across reference to this on a few blogs:  Barbara at Cat Patches is hosting a "NewFO Challenge" (I love that term!!!).

This one is for those of you that don't have a bunch of UFOs laying around.  She is encouraging everyone to start something new each month with no deadlines or pressure of finishing it.  Now that's challenge I could really get into!  It is something I had planned to do at mid year IF I complete Myra's challenge and meet the first six challenges for Judy.  I have more than a few NewFOs laying around but will resist the urge of joining in for now.

Bucket List: Lone Star

And for all you bucket list quilters:  ever planned to do a Lone Star Quilt?  It's definitely on my Bucket List.  Well, if you need a sympathetic group to work along with, Quilt Sue at the Quilt Times blog is hosting a "Lone Star Quilt-A-Long".

Join on the first Saturday of each month to share your progress, projects, patterns and ask question or just get support for your quilt journey.  Again, one that I'd love to jump into at some point but will resist the urge for now.

In the Zines

Finally, a friend and I are planning to make the "Dream Catcher" quilt in this post which has been designed by Kathy Doughty of Material Obsession.  It is supposed to come out in an issue of Australian Quilters Companion Magazine some time this year.  My friend (a big Kaffe Fassette fan) already had all the stripe prints in her stash and I caught some sales and ordered mine over the holiday.  This will be my first Kaffe fabric quilt and the first Australian design I've done.  I love the freedom and high spiritedness of the Aussies quilts.  I very much wanted to sign up for their Sue Ross BOM last year.  Again, if I can stick to my UFO goals, maybe my reward will be to do that too.

So that's what I've found floating out there on the web for this year.  I'm sure there's much more so let me know what you've come across!


Anonymous said...

Just found your wish list. The pattern for Dream Catcher comes out in May. If you email me I will have the magazine in stock at that time. It is always nice to know one of my projects is on someone's to do list!
Thanks for that! Kathy

liz said...

Well, that is a big list for 2012. Good luck with getting around to all that quilting. At least I know you'll be having fun.