Thursday, March 22, 2012

Progress Will Be Made But Slow....

So this is how far I got on the DWR this week:

Why did I think it'd be quick to piece these together?  I had figured that making the arcs and doing applique were the hard part and with them done it would be easy to just sew the melons onto the centers.  Instead it is A LOT of pinning and A LOT of careful matching (and sometimes ripping and resewing) of the seam intersections.  That makes this a hard one to get into flow on but every arc added makes me more excited to see more done.  More excited to SEE them but NOT to SEW them! 

And if I've learned anything from quilting all these years it's not to fight it.  So, rather than frustrating myself and then procrastinating because I'm not getting as much done as hoped, I'm pulling a Kobayshi Maru (you Star Trek fans will know what I am talking about) and devising a new plan:  I am only planing to sew arcs to the two sides of ONE center each day, five days a week.  That's about all I can stand of it in a sitting/day.  If I should get a hankering to sew more than that, fine but so far that hasn't happened.  If I want to continue sewing but not on this, I can move on to one of the many other projects I need to work on.  I can do a row of centers during the business days of the week then give myself a break and not do any DWR work on the weekends (great since I'll be working on my project for Sinta's BOM Rehab then).  I am hoping that absence will make the heart grow fonder when I return to it at the beginning of the next week. 

At this pace it'll be early May before the arcs are all attached and then I'll still need to sew the rows together, add half centers to square up the edges and then applique and attach the outer border.  This means I won't see this top completed until probably July.  But that's o.k., any progress is good progress, especially if I can work from a perspective where I can feel like I am accomplishing what I planned.  There is nothing wrong with having a slow project to work on as long as steady progress can be made. 

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Ivory Spring said...

Oh my goodness - that is a stunner!!!! Thanks for your super sweet comment you left on my blog. :)

Hugs, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.