Monday, July 23, 2012

BOM Rehab #7

Ahhh, it's good to be back in Rehab!!!  Can't imagine any real addicts saying that!

It's been a long road back to quilting and Rehab for me but it feels good to hold the rotary cutter in my hand again, hear the hum of my sewing machine and feel the pull of the needle through cloth again.  As I noted in a recent post, I am pleased to announce that before going AWOL, I did get the last Rehab project reported on done!

The red border blocks for the "Civil War Chronicles" BOM were finished by the end of May and the top put together in early June.  This one will be quilted when its number comes up on the Patchwork Times UFO Challenge list.

As also noted in that post,  Judy picked #12 for the June PTUFOC which for me was the "Jan Patek House & Garden" BOM that I had signed up for in the Fall of 2010 and is the last BOM I have in house.

The original plan was to spend June starting it as well as catching back up on the "Heart & Home" Wool BOM that I had started Rehab with.  So now that I am now ready to get back on track, this will be my weekend work. To help myself along, I prepped the long background and motifs for the "House & Garden" block on Friday and the "Heart & Home" house block on Saturday.  I worked on the hand applique "Garden" banner block on Saturday & Sunday and finished it early enough to get the wool one stitched up by machine Sunday evening. 

Once again, glad to be back in Rehab.  Why don't you come with me over to Sinta's and check out what other BOM Rehabbers are up to?  Or better yet join us!  The completion of my Chronicles project is proof that Rehab works!

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