Friday, February 7, 2014

And Now For the Word of The Year......

To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong.

---American Patchwork and Quilting Magazine, April 2002, page 53
I fear the venture into the unknown.
But that is part of the act of creating and the art of performing.
---Martha Graham, dancer
All that is necessary to break the spell of inertia and frustration is this:
Act as if it were impossible to fail.
---Dorothea Brande, writer
 My goal for the reader of (my book) is for you to listen to that little voice that says, “I could do that,” and go with it.  No matter what your insecurities say, do it anyway and ignore the fear….What is the real secret to winning quilting awards?  Being fearless when you are scared out of your mind.
---Karen McTavish from the book “Quilting For Show”
 (On-Word Bound Books; 2007)
And a reminder that is posted in my "studio" and is always at the bottom of my blog:
Click on the picture to read this if it's not clear)
(As Seen in Quiltposium magazine, Fall 2011)
Enough said!

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Nadine said...

Great word! I think being decisive also helps in being fearless. Maybe even half the battle is making the decision to proceed. Food for thought for me at the moment, and I thank you for it!