Monday, February 3, 2014

It's a Snow Day!

Like most, here in the city we're buried in this:

For me, it was a great day to check out the winning quilts from the recent "Road To California" quilt show here.  There are some really gorgeous works, truly the best of the best and something to aspire to.  To be especially admired is Fairy Ernest who at the age of 88 entered and won first place for "Wall - Traditional Applique" for a beautiful hand appliqued Pearl Pereira design (and those of you who are familiar with her patterns, know they are not for the faint of heart)  --- you go girl! 

I was also glad to see that many of the entries had been started two, three, even seven years before (the earliest was the "Best In Show" by multiple award winning quilter Sharon Schamber which she had started in 2000).  This went perfectly with Lori's latest post at "The Inbox Jaunt" on esablishing your priorites for your UFOs.  She had also done a previous post on "what our UFO's say about us" and I took some time to add my answers to today's post and firm up my "To Do" list.

Lori's post was about establishing your "Top 3" projects.  After that it was time to play catch up on mine by:
  • Fix things up in a couple of spots and add the label on this gift (it's already been quilted and bound since this picture was taken):

  •  Attach the last strips for the January panel of my calendar quilt and start the February panel (this one is being done quilt-as-you-go):

BTW, if you don't know what a Calendar Quilt is then check out some that were finished or in progress when quilters hosted a challenge back in 2009.  You can get the instructions for making them in the book "Pat Sloan's Favorite Techniques" which can be purchased here or here.
  • I also need to prepare to get back to quilting this gift:

I hope to (no, will have to) do detail posts on all of these.  Hope you are in and warm, toasty and busy where ever you are!

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