Sunday, March 30, 2014

Another important finish!

Finally gift #3 for my friend is complete and off in the mail!

This is a jewelry roll done in a crazy quilt style.  As noted before, this gift was started for her years ago and yet is the last of the three gifts I made for her to be completed (#1 can be seen here (near the end of the post) and #2 here).
In Use

Originally there was also supposed to be a companion barrel tote to this but after finally getting the roll finished, I ran into problems with the tote and decided that having already made three other gifts, struggling to complete another was just not going to be the most productive use of my time.  Especially when I STILL have another huge and long overdue project to work on and with spring now upon us also very much want to move onto other things to spruce up the house.

A little process:  the roll is the "Bargello Jewelry Pouch" pattern from the book "Quick Quilting" by Kim Ritter.  I apologize for not being able to show a picture of the book --- I can't seem to find it around the quilt space which means it must be buried among fabric for another project.

Edited to Add:

I had made another one of these back in 2004 for another friend of mine using the book's bargello design (sorry for picture quality, these are pictures of "pre-digital" photos):

 The tube holding the rings (called a "ring roll") was something I added to the design after seeing them in other jewelry storage cases.

 My friend saw that one and asked me to make her one as well.  At the time I thought that the pouch design was flexible enough to try using a different cover style.  Back then doing a "crazy quilt" was still one of my "bucket list" items so I figured it would be cool to try making the cover in that style.

I starting gathering scraps and ideas for the new one in 2007 but admit that it never remained at the top of my focus list for too long hence why this project was still hanging around after all these years.  The other reason it faltered for so long was that I had a lot of big ideas over the years about what I wanted to try on this.  I did add decorative machine stitches along the seams, trims (although not as extensively as planned) and beads (ditto).  Plans to add couching and maybe embroidery motifs were also eventually abandoned as the time factor began to nag at me (hence why gifts should always be constructed in secret --- no deadlines!).

So I am glad I was able to mail this one out (along with #2)  to my friend and she will have it by Monday.  On to the Spring projects!!

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Val's Quilting Studio said...

I have a daughter that can use one of there...very nifty!