Thursday, June 25, 2015

Still Working....

Well, "Thea's Puzzle" is a top!  As figured it was easy to sew up and throughout that process I've begun to think about how I want to quilt it.  But before I can do that there's another task to be completed.....
In the picture above, the Kaffe Fassette fabric ("Turkish Delight" in the Grey colorway) laying on top of it is the start of the backing.  The plan right now is for two more side borders in the KF fabric, a border of wedges (which I'll be sewing today) and a center of the same Kona white that is the outer borders on the top.  The binding will be the same inner border fabric used on the top (Joanna Figueroa's  "Fig & Plum" by Moda from a few years ago) and those strips also have to be cut.

I was at Wendy Sheppard's Ivory Spring blog a little while ago and she wrote a post about how she can tell how productive a week she's had by what she's accomplished on her "To Do" list by Wednesday.  I also look at Wednesday as a signifier: what I've gotten done by then tells me if I'll be scrambling over the weekend to try to finish up the work I'd hoped to complete earlier in the week!  This is particularly true this week since I've got a "Get It Done!" recap due next Wednesday!

After getting this backing done, I'm debating between layering for this quilt and the Civil War Samplers or whether to close the month out by catching up on the wool ornaments.  We'll see on those but for right now let me focus on getting this back done and keeping things moving! 

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Ivory Spring said...


Thank you for visiting - lovely to hear from you! I am liking what you are working on. :)

And THANK YOU for the heads up on seeing my upcoming book on Landauer's website. I really on my friends' eyes to know what's going on out there... thanks you for letting me know. I will credit you when I announce the news later today on my blog. :)

Hugs, and Happy Summer to you!