Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Get It Done! June Recap, July Goals

Another month has just whirred by!  The commitments are finally all done with the exception of the Community Garden which will continue until the Winter.  Now I'm hoping the rest of the summer can be about focusing on what I want to get done!  It's been a slow crawl back to the machine so there's not much new to report.  But a few things did get done so without futher ado, the review of the June Goals is as follows:
 1. UFOs:  Quilting on the Civil War lap quilts.
 NOT DONE but with another quilt that also needs layering, I have high hopes for finally getting these done.  
2.  Wool/BOMs: Finish stitching the last two month's ornaments and work on the next block for this month. 

NOT DONE and now I'm behind a month because I didn't get to prepare the one for June.   June's stocking will be the last of the stockings and with it done, July means it's time to start work on the mittens.

3. Applique:  Work on and finish Spring Fling so I can hang it for the season before it's over.  Now that Heart & Home is tabled until the Fall, I still need to decide whether I will machine or hand applique this one and whether it will temporarily become my Slow Sunday Stitching project.  

Since Summer started last week, that goal is a bust since this one is NOT DONE.  The question now is whether to still try to work on this or put it away until next year?
3.  Hand Work:  I still want to resume "Slow Sunday Stitching" but still need to decide if it will be with "Spring Fling" or finally restarting work on my old Quilt-As-You-Go project.  I also still want  to mount the finished Lincoln/Obama Redwork in the Red, White and Blue room so maybe I can bundle that with the QOV work.

The one's mentioned were NOT DONE, however I did get some work done on this little project:
 I needed only a little bit of time to hand applique the crow on my little wall hanging. Hopefully this month I can complete the embroidery and prairie points and finish this one up!  Wait!  I guess this also counts as an applique project as well.

4. Gift Quilts: Once again, I still NEED to start work on the baby quilt.

NOT DONE.  This is starting to look like one of those baby quilts that will turn into a toddler quilt before long.

5.  WIP:  Work on Thea's Puzzle, make up quilt sandwiches for the FMQ Mystery at Lori's Inbox Jaunt and plan the Seminole bands for the kitchen curtain project.  Again, more Spring season clean-up.

Top (on the design wall; the white is the outer border) and backing (on the table in the picture) are now DONE so now it's on to layering it for quilting.  With regards to the rest, looks like the "Spring Season Clean-Up" will turn into a "Summer Season Spruce-Up"!

6.  Quilts of Valor (aka No Longer A New Project): Fortunately because I had planned to work on QOVs throughout the summer months there's still time to make up for the Memorial Day one and still make one to commemorate Flag Day in June and one for the Fourth of July. 
NOT DONE (and no picture since it's still just a stash box for now) and another project I'm worried may never get off the ground.

Once again, for July, the Goals will be much of the same:
1. UFOs:  Quilting on the Civil War lap quilts.  Time to git' 'er done!!
2.  Wool/BOMs:  Finish stitching the April and May ornaments, prep and stitch June's and then start on the mittens for July.  However, I also have another set of pouch ornaments to make so the challenge will be to not only catch up on what I'm behind on but to work on two new ornaments each month until Christmas. 
3. Applique:  To Spring Fling or not to Spring Fing, that is the question.  Right now, I don't kow the answer! 
4.  Hand Work:  I will finish up the little "Crow" wall hanging.  I also still want to resume "Slow Sunday Stitching" but still need to decide with what.  Another "To Be Determined". 
5. Gift Quilts: Yes, still keeping the baby quilt o the agenda.  Actually at this point, I can slate it for a first birthday gift.
6.  WIP:  Quilt Thea's Puzzle and make up the quilt sandwiches for the FMQ Mystery at Lori's Inbox Jaunt and plan the Seminole bands for the kitchen curtain project. 
7.  Quilts of Valor:  There's alot of ground to make up on this one.  If I can finish some other stuff maybe I can finally pull these out and make some headway on them.

That's it for me so all that's left is to wish everyone a very happy Fourth of July!! 

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Your Civil War quilt looks like it will be a pretty one!