Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sign Up for the 2016 Piggy Bank Challenge

It's that time again:  time to sign up for Val's 3rd Annual Piggy Bank Savings Challenge over at  her blog, Val's Quilting Studio.
You may know Val from her weekly hosting of the Tuesday Archive link-ups (more on that at the bottom of this post).   Val started this savings challenge to put aside money for quilting purchases.  Now she and her DH compete to see who can save the most!  When the savings for this year were revealed, Val won!  I participated for the first time last year and managed to save almost $40 and it's going to fund the first  few months of a BOM.  I'm hoping to do even better this coming year but the challenge will be to figure out how!   I know, I know, just put in more money -- but it's not that simple since most of the change before now came from tips in change that my DH received as a UPS driver and from bottle returns.  My DH is starting training tomorrow to move into the tractor trailer division so (fingers crossed) won't be delivering packages any more which leaves just the bottle deposits.  Actually, if I can keep my oldest son who is a commuting college student from raiding it for carfare, maybe I'll have more to show at next year's reveal!
As before, whatever is collected will be saved in here: 

This is the jar my DH pressed into service many years ago with a plan to put the accumulated cash toward vacations.  When I started adding the bottle return money and found that I often received bills in addition to change, I needed a way to store them outside of the jar.  I decided to use the little jewelry pouch for that purpose.  It works and can be stored right on the jar for convenience and easy access!

Maybe you have a lot of loose change hanging around?  Then why not start your own jar and link up with Val and the rest of us and start saving for some special quilty purchase for next year!!!

Re:  Tuesday Archive Link-Ups

Now there's even more incentive to participate in Val's Archive link ups.  Val's hosting has gotten so popular  that she now has a sponsor!  That's right, not only do you get a chance to reviatlize some of your older blog posts but you might win something for doing it!  Everyone that links up a post on her blog on Tuesdays will be eligible to be added to a drawing at the end of the month for a $15 gift certificate to the online store Fabrics N Quilts!  Each Tuesday, Val posts what the topic for that week is and if you have a post (an old one or a new one) about a project that fits the theme, just link it up and give everyone a chance to read about something they may have missed.  I follow so many blogs at this point, I welcome the chance to catch up on some posts that I haven't seen or find new bloggers to follow.  So head on over there on Tuesday and join the fun!


Valerie Reynolds said...

Viv you are so awesome!!! Thanks for your wonderful support and shout out!! Looking forward to having some of your followers join us and Viv, hide that jar from your son...teehee!

Valerie Reynolds said...

HI Viv! Mark your calendar as next month, July 6th we count our piggy's. Can you believe it's already been a year already!