Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The End of An Era.....

 Just saw this a little while ago on Bill Volckening's "Wonky World" blog:

(Click the photo or the link to his blog to read it clearly)
I can't believe it!  Quilter's Newsletter has been a part of my quilting life since the very beginning.  I remember Alex Anderson (back when she was host of Simply Quilts on HGTV) saying it was the best quilting magazine to read and I immediately subscribed to it.  It's the only magazine that I've kept a continuous subscription to and have a complete collection of issues going back to 1984 (eBay has been very good to me over the years for that). 

I've always liked that QNM chronicled the quilt world in general in addition to providing quilt patterns.  While all the magazines do that now, back when I started reading QNM it offered the most comprehensive survey of quilt events and competitions (both announcements of them and
showcasing the winning quilts), profiles of famous and locally proficient quilters, historical moments in quilting history (posted on the "Bulletin Board" and "Design Wall" pages), lessons on techniques and new products and a place in their "Quilting Bee" section for quilters to share their projects or in the "Quilt Lovers Forum" and "300 Words About Quilting" to share their feelings about quilts and the quilt making process. 

Over the years they've offered insights into the business side of quilting with columns by Jeff Gutcheon in the early 1980's ("Not For Shopkeepers Only") and regular columns by quilt legends Jean Ray Laury and Helen Kelly that sparked your creativity and productivity.

It will be sad to say good-bye to this iconic publication and interesting to see what, if anything will fill the void it will leave.

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