Saturday, October 1, 2016

Get It Done! September Recap, October Goals

Well folks, the year is moving quickly to a close!  September is now in the can and it's on to the year-end holiday season trifecta: October - Halloween, November - Thanksgiving and December - Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanza.  Although my September "short" list isn't as "done" as hoped, there was at least reasonable progress on the goals for last month:

1.  QOV:  Finish "Combat Gratitudes":  Now that I'm in the QOV groove, I want to get the center finished, the borders on, find a backing and get this quilted for donation.  I understand that all that alone might take all month and for once I'm prepared for accepting that possibility!

 It's A Flimsy!
I already have backing for this but need to check for batting.  Not sure if I'll get to this right away because I have other priorities for this month.  On the other hand, I'd love to have this ready for Veteran's Day in November.

2:  QOV #2:  I have another QOV design and fabric I'd like to get pieced this month.  Haven't fully evaluated yet how much piecing it will take so although being listed here, if I don't get to sewing it now, it'll be formally mapped out for the October list.   However, if I can get it set up, I'm also thinking that it can serve as a leader/ender project while I'm doing the finishing work for the project above.

The center is together, still needs borders!
I did get to start this as a leader/ender and think I might have gotten further with it had I not been sick the week before last and the community activities commitments ramped up this past week.  I'm also low on fabric on this one so am going to have to think about how to proceed with the borders.  As noted previously, thinking/design time means additional time will need to be built into the project scheduling.  Also wishing for a November finish on this one. 

3. T-Shirt Quilt:  I really need to get back to this one since I need it for decorating which makes it a high priority.  I realized a while back that I had not made progress on this one because it involves designing the layout and as noted earlier I have to give myself time to think in that case. 

Didn't get to this one this month.
Part of the layout issues had to do with what to use for sashing between the t-shirt "blocks".  The good news is that during the month I did find a fabric that may work for that so I'm hoping to move this along now. 
Not sure what to do for the list for October:  I know a long list usually doesn't work for me but with the season change and us hosting the holiday next month, I really want to focus on decorating projects.  Then again, as noted above, I'd also like to move the QOVs into the final stages.  I'm going to post a long list but with the realistic advance view that a lot of things might not get done.
1.  T-Shirt Quilt:  Since this is a decorating project, it can start the list off this month. 
2.  Fall Decorating Projects:  Not even going to list them all out but let's just say if I can try to get to one a week, I'd be doing good.
3. Halloween Quilt:  This one was started on last year but progress was slow.  This time I know I need to set it up as a leader/ender if I'm to make any progress on it.  Would love to "put it to bed" (pun intended) this month if I can! 
4. QOV #1 and #2:  Already noted that I'll be looking to nudge either or both of these to a finish if I can.
Hedging my bets?  You betcha'!  Here's hoping I'll be Charmed by my projects this month rather than Bewitched!  Hope the cooling weather is bringing you inside to your sewing machine.  This is a great time of year to grab a quilt for hand quilting or binding on your lap! 

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