Monday, October 17, 2016

Move It Forward Monday: The T-shirt Quilt Is Almost Done!

This Monday it looks like I'll be moving forward to a finish!  I finally got in gear on the quilting for  the T-shirt Couch Quilt this weekend and was up early this morning and got the rest of it done:

The pocket for the remote and TV guide has also been quilted and attached.  Now the only thing left to do is bind it.  I thought I was going to have some things to do today for our Tenant's Association meeting later this week but our President called and she's got the flyer distribution covered so I'm free to quilt for the rest of the day.  Woo hoo!
Making this quick post and then I'm going to take a lunch break so I can head over to see what everyone else is Moving Forward This Monday over at Emily Bailey's  Em's Scrapbag blog.  Then it'll be on to the binding!

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