Monday, May 8, 2017

Getting Back Up To Speed - Part 1

It's the merry month of May!  Gardening season is finally getting under way, Mother's Day is next weekend and my birthday is the week after.  Time to get back to who I am!

Unfortunately, once again I am playing catch-up on my quilting.  I really thought I would get moving after my last post for National Quilting Day back in March.  Yes and no -- I did get started that week on cleaning up my buried cutting table and (once again) organizing my project piles.  With so many other things also going on, I didn't get all of that finished until the end of the month so didn't get back to work on projects until April.   However, rather than picking up on some of the in-progress stuff,  I began with some new things like: 

On Easter Sunday I made this little wool bunny ornament.  It's from the "Leaping Into Spring" pattern from Meetinghouse Hill Designs.  I had got the kit in March last year from Quilting In the  Country when they were cleaning out their retail store stock.  I have long envisioned making an Easter themed display using the wool bunny and these:

One day I want to try these wool and embroidered eggs by Susan Wojciechowski of Ewe-niversity.  I got this pattern but will have to wait until I either have fewer current projects cluttering the quilt space (because I REALLY don't need to add more to my "stash") or luck up on a really great sale on pastel wools.

However, cute as he is, now that I have made him up I realized that he's a little small for the display I had dreamed of!  I should have taken note of the fact that on the pattern cover, the bunny is pictured next to a seed packet which should have clued me in to his actual size, LOL!!  No matter, now that I am familiar with how to construct him, in the future  if I do get around to making those eggs, I'll enlarge the pattern and make a bigger bunny.

That said, as always the Quilt Gods were looking out for me because that same week the Quilting Arts/Quilting Daily blog  (re-)posted a pattern by Gudrun Erla for some quick and simple to make egg ornaments that can be made from scraps.  Since I was still egg-cited about the bunny finish, I decided to make those up to go with my new little friend.

These were cute and easy to make up.  For those of you that keep a year-round mini Christmas tree display (or have considered doing so), you might think about making these ornaments for an Easter themed tree.  Actually I've seen ornament patterns (like stars and pumpkins) that could be used for any number of other seasons so that is something that could be a seasonal decorating theme.

There's more of April's projects to come in the next post!

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