Thursday, February 25, 2021

BOMs Away: Whew! February blocks just in time!

Well, it took a while to get this month's "Christmas Figs" BOM blocks finished up.  Just in time to start on the blocks for March, Lol! 

This month, I tackled the "Lily Trio" and "Pinwheel Swirl" blocks.  I pieced the second block a little differently than patterned, making Square-in-a-Square units for those centers.  What I soon found out was that doing so made the assembly of each quadrant of the block more of a challenge because it meant using partial seams to complete them.  

On the plus side, using a leader/ender project helped a lot with that so in the process I also got two more neutral string blocks for "Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll" pieced! 

I had pieced the other one while making up the little Valentine's Day wall hanging I made the other week.  I'll trim them up after I've made a few more.

Wondering what "Block Of the Month" your fellow quilters are working on right now?  Then go see what projects have gotten "BOMs Away" love this month over at Lynette's at What A Hoot Quilts and Kate's at Katie Mae Quilts!


Vireya said...

Well done getting your February blocks done before the end of the month.

Rebecca Grace said...

Your Christmas Figs blocks are looking lovely, Vivian!