Saturday, January 22, 2022

Clearing out RSC 2021 and Embarking on RSC 2022

With the big winter storm that was forecast for last Sunday, I never got around to getting back to work on setting up my RSC projects for this year.  We decided to get our warehouse club shopping out of the way on Saturday in the event we would be snowed in on the days that followed.  I did get to do some work on them this week so here's what's been happening:
I pulled out the bag I store my RSC projects in to review my 2021 projects and see where I left off and figure out what I want to do for this year.  

My RSC project storage bag!

I've already taken two from 2021 off the list for this year.  I decided to add all the remaining fabric colors from last year to my "(Rainbow) Log Cabin Star" and "Technicolor Rainbow Runner" projects.   In that process, I actually wound up replacing the green fabric I had die cut last year for the Log Cabin project in favor of another one that better contrasted with the Lime color chosen for October (the last color selected for the year).    

This plan now is to start sewing these two up and complete them.

In the storage bag, I also had bags of red and purple scraps from last year already collected but had never got around to sewing with them.

Since Red is the color for January for this year's challenge, I started with those for any old or new projects I wanted to sew up for this year!

The next two projects I'm debating about whether to just finish up or continue to carry on as part of this year's RSC:  my "Twisted Ribbons" and "Log Cabin Hearts" projects.

For the "Twisted Ribbons" project on the left, I see I had sat what remained of the scraps I had pulled for last year's April color of Bright or Light Blue with the project but never got to use them with that project.  So I've done that and pulled and cut from the red and purple scrap bags and kitted them all up.  While I was at it, I also cut more neutrals too.  

For the "Log Cabin Hearts", I see that I had done the April Blue block last year and pulled a few but not all the purple scraps for it for June and had no reds for May bundled with that project.  So for that too, I've worked on "catching up" from the scrap bags from last year!


The "Twisted Ribbons" project wasn't going to get sewn up until I had collected all the colors for it.  My debate now is whether to continue pulling and sewing the parts using the colors from last year or just add the 2022 color picks to what I already have and move this along as part of this year's challenge.  I could also do the same for the "Log Cabin Hearts" although I admit, I like the colors already called for last year so might want to stick with those.  For now, I'll let both of these "simmer" at least until next month and see how I feel when the next color is called.

The last two projects from last year are the "Quilt In a Day Milky Way (Friendship Stars)" and Bea Lee's "Scrappy Hexies".  These two need lots of blocks so I'll just go with the 2022 flow and whatever colors are called, try to make multiple blocks for them until I have enough.

Just like the "Twisted Ribbons" project, I need to make up enough block sets for "Milky Way" before I can start putting it together.  I already had put aside fabric sets for last year's April, May and June colors but needed to cut more neutrals and so hadn't pieced the HSTs for the blocks.

Everything is done now so we'll see what colors are called in the upcoming months.  I can't put the Friendship Star blocks together because I still need to decide on the grey four patch corners for the blocks (light? dark? scrappy?).  When I can lay everything out, I'll make that decision.  

For the hexies, I pulled from the baggie of red scraps to make these....

....and then die cut them down with Accuquilt's  4-1/4" finished hexagon die.


I didn't get to the purple scrap bags this week for this project so still have those to dig into.  Now I'm wondering if one or both of these two projects may wind up going into 2023 before they are finished!  

The other question is whether I want to add any new projects for this year.  Last year, I had found a bunch more potential projects that I put aside to consider making for this year's challenge. 

I've already seen that someone else is doing "Razzle Dazzle" this year!  As of today, I think I will wait and see how I feel as the months progress.  

Linking up today with every one for RSC Saturday over at Angela's So Scrappy blog.


Sherrie said...

Wow, that's a lot of cutting. And a lot of projects.
I usually have several projects going, that way I
don't get bored doing the same one. Have a great day!

Frédérique said...

Lovely blocks to play with! I love your strippy hexies!

The Joyful Quilter said...

What a great selection of scrappy projects for the RSC! You made some nice progress this week. LOVE that Heart block in RED!!

Vireya said...

You have been busy getting organised! I could use some of that organisation in my sewing room.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It's always a good idea to sort through and organize what's already been started on these projects so you know where you left off! I love those Log Cabin Hearts - thanks for linking to the block tutorial!

Chantal said...

One thing is certain; you won't be bored this year. So many fun projects. Enjoy! ;^)

Susie H said...

All your current projects are pretty. Stepping back before diving into new projects isn't a bad idea. I'm doing the same myself. If I get too many more projects going, it'll just muddle my head ... and I certainly don't need that. Sounds like finishing a few of your projects might just be the ticket these next few months.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

What a great list of RSC projects!! they will be fun to watch them all grow!!